Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Ransom and Trade-offs/Concessions

Dear Mouse,

Nobody believed me that there is a money angle in the negotiation for the release of Angelo dela Cruz.

The lack of money of the hostage or his country had never deterred them to demand for ransom.

Tribune's credibility to me is below my knee-level because of their journalistic style of editorializing the news. But I would take this one to be an exception because it supported my two theories.(Isn't it this is what criticism is all about; agreement or disapproval depending on having the same or different views? ;( )

First theory:

1. The Department of Foreign Affairs seemed to be clueless in what's going on with the negotiation for the release of Angelo dela Cruz. They were in the dark and all they did was to make an appeal in the media.

The news said that it was Foreign Minister Syed Hamid Albar who conveyed the Dela Cruz' release. If it were true, Bakit ?

Bunye admitted that Malaysia and other foreign friends an allies helped in opening thecommunications with the militant group.

I never came up with my theory because some disgruntled Malacanan staff have been leaking confidential information to the Media. (Malacanan should start looking for these people who by reason of bruised ego or for fatter pocketbooks may be selling for-your- eyes-only information).

These Muslim rebels woould never deal with non- Muslim go-betweens. Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is the chairman of the 57-member Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC).Although OIC does not support radical Muslims, the Islam faith binds them and give them access communication to the hard core Islam fundamentalists.

I do not know what has Angelo dela Cruz to do with his meeting with Bush and his suggestionto rebuild Iraq mobilizing Muslim FORCE.

Theory 2

The ransom money theory came to me based on observations and readings of the activities of these groups.

1. Militant/rebels/terrorists need money for their operations. The only available means to raise funds very lucratively is hostage taking. The money extortion is discussed between the highest ranking leaders of the group and the negotiating group.The "legitimate demand" such as release of hostage or release of prisoners such as the caseof Johnson is what is floated in the media and among the lower rank group members.

2.Al Qaeda members operate as independent cells and therefore do not receive funding from a mother organization.

3. There is too much risk at stake for their security so they have to make the most out of the demandsand even if poor countries could not afford to pay the ransom, some richer countries would foot the bill for any concessions or trade offs that it can negotiate with the country needing help.

The bottomline is that Angelo dela Cruz is not only worth six million if the rumor is correct but he is more than an ordinary driver who gave the political opportunists to shine and other countries to raise their bargaining power.

His first name means Angel, a Messenger of God, a bringer of news, good or bad while his last name means with Cross.

The Ca t


At 1:11 AM, Blogger Sassy Lawyer said...

I used to have such high regard for Ninez Olivarez and her Tribune. Editorializing the news is a perfect way to describe their reports. It's becoming a habit too to base reports on info from unnamed sources. I don't know anymore if it's vendetta (after Gloria sued Olivarez) or just plain sensationalizing.

One of the reasons I want to diverge. My blog, I mean. Grabe na, hindi na malaman kung alin ang totoo sa news at kung alin ang gawa-gawa lang--ng gobyerno, ng media, at kung sino-sino pa ang nagpapaikot ng pera para paikutin lahat ng ulo natin.

At 10:23 AM, Blogger cathcath said...

Totoo yan. Columnists practise "envelopmental" journalism. The fatter the envelope, the harsher are their criticisms to the "enemwahs" of their patrons.
Meron pang isang columnist na hindi man lang nagchecheck ng data. haaah


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