Friday, September 24, 2004

Close Encounter with the TS and PS

Dear Mouse

This is the continuation of my Tech Support experience that should have been blogged in my choice cat.

Read on.

The techie was a young Chinese guy who looked like a high schooler with his old fashioned eyeglasses.

TS: Hmmmmmmm( he was testing my phone jack)

TS: Hmmmmmmm( He finished testing my phone jack.)

TS: Hmmmmmmm( he was testing my modem.)

TS: Hmmmmmmm( He finished testing my modem.)

TS: Hmmmmmmm( he was testing my network.)

TS: Hmmmmmmm( He finished testing my network.)

Then he acted as if he was looking for something.

Me: Anything wrong ?

TS: I could not find the small gadget attached to my tester.

Me: You dropped it ?

TS: May be but it's weird. It is not usually yanked out from the tester.

He started filling up a form, a job order and performance rating sheet. He dropped his pen.

TS: There it is.

Me: What ?

TS: The gadget that I was looking for. Funny, it was not there before. I searched for it all over.

He handed me the form for signature. After signing, I gave him back the papers and the pen.

Me:So what is wrong with my dsl ?

TS: I found nothing wrong. It's working now.

Me: But that is the way it is. It works for a few minutes, logs off for a few minutes and works again. Worse is when it is out for hours.

TS: I will put your line in 24 hour-watch and call you tomorrow for follow-up.

Btw, did you return the pen tome ?

Me: Yes, you were holding it while I was talking.

TS: I think so too, but it's gone.

He looked for it in his service bag, his pockets, the floor, the desk. It seemed it disappeared into thin air.

TS: "I better be going." He smoothed his uniform and exclaimed, " My nametag, it is gone."

Me: I just saw it hanging with your beeper in your waist band.

TS: Yeah, first time to lose it in my entire service with the company.

Me: If you dropped anything. The carpet is clutter-free, you can easily find it by retracing where you have been inside my house.

TS: But I have not moved an inch yet. I gotta go. I may be next to disappear.

I thought the TS met the PS.

My friends who have stayed in my place for over 24 hours have long suspected that I have a very playful tenant, they called PS. The Ps is the playful spirit whose tricks are to make things disappear, only to be found in places which have been already already turned upside down for the search; play with the TV and stereo, lights. Etc.

The old mother of my former boarder used to complain that she lost a lot of things,only to find them in the places which she had already searched thouroughly.

I had several experiences of this kind that when I am pissed off, I cry to the PS to stop it.

There was a bell chime. It was the techie. He handed me a piece of paper with scribbles of names, numbers and dates.

TS: It must have stuck in my back. It fell off when I got into the car. It must be something important.

Me: Thank you. Did you find what you lost ? I did not find them when I searched after you left.

TS: Never mind. They are replaceable. Someone must like them as souvenirs.

Funny and weird. The fist time he left, I walked him to the door and I saw his back. There’s nothing there.

Yeah someone must be collecting souvenirs. I thought I heard giggles..

The Ca t


At 5:37 PM, Blogger bayibhyap said...

The PoltergeiSt (PS).
- -

At 5:39 PM, Blogger bayibhyap said...

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At 4:30 AM, Blogger kiwipinay said...

This is interesting. We have a similar incident. I might just post it in my blog. mahaba kasi. :) I'll make a track to your post, ok lang?

May special gift ka ba sa mga ganito? May similarities kayo ng kapatid ko when it comes to spirits.



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