Sunday, May 22, 2005

Never on a Friday

Dear Ca t,

You read it right. It is my mouse writing me a letter to clarify about superstitions.

The Mouse: How come humans believe that cats bring bad luck ?

The Ca t: Where did you read that ?

Only if a black cat crosses your road.

In ancient Europe, black cats are believed to be guarding the door of hell.

The Mouse: Ngeeeee

The Ca t: Humans would adopt defenses in order to protect themselves from perils of the unknown or for the sake of luck.

The Mouse: Like what ?

The Ca t:

1. To some people, the home should be blessed with kindly spirits.

2. It is still traditional in some parts of Britain to take the embers from the old fireplace and burn them in a new one. HOUSEWARMING parties are a development of this old custom.

3. One of the most widely known superstition is the one about not walking under a ladder in case a tool or a can of paint falls from above. It was believed that walking between the ladder and a wall is breaking the triangle--the early Christian symbol for Holy Trinity.

Some superstitions transcended national boundaries. For example, in the Philippines and Nigeria, it brings bad luck to sweep the house at night.

The fear for 13 is manifested in many countries by their avoidance to the use of the number 13 in building storeys or number in the houses.

Christians associated the unlucky 13 to number of people in the Last Supper-Jesus and the twelve apostles.

In Norse mythology, the feast of the 12 gods ended in a tragedy when the 13th god, Loki provoked a fight resulting in the death of another god.

Many people dimissed superstitions as absurd.

One attempt to disprove a superstition cherished by the British Admiralty-- that of sailing except Friday was the launching of a ship.

The ship was called Friday, commanded by Captain Friday, sailed on a Friday and never came back.

The Ca t: What about you mouse? Do you know that humans think that you gnaw the dress or clothes if you hear them curse you?

The mouse:Don't know about my colleagues and cousins in the boondocks and cities.

The Ca t


At 2:09 PM, Blogger infraternam meam said...

SUPERSTITIONS has been inherent and prevalent in human state of mind and human upbringings since the beginning of the outcasting from Paradise. Men by nature has an affinity to the supernatural because we are partly spirit and our mind was given the attributes to wonder and wander as we traverse at times into the world of the unknown. SUPERSTITIONS was magnified by the leaders of structured and organized religions in the very early times. During the Pharaonic rules, the priests created so many superstitions to bring forth the fear in the minds of the people. One has to understand that the only group of people who can read those times are the priest and the Royal Clan. In the era of the Incas, it was also created and magnified by the priests, making the human sacrifices to appease their gods and deifying the King as part god and part human emissary. In the European cults, SUPERSTITIONS was also prevalent in the Celtic traditions until the coming of the Christian religion. During the glories of Mythology, the human lives was circling under THREE FATES, known also as MOIRAE, they are 1). Clotho, who spun the thread of life. 2). Lachestes, who measured it. 3). Atropos, who cut it.Thru these MOIRAE comes the superstitions, based on the tenets of these MOIRAE. In Buddhism, there they believe that there are five HINDRANCES that can prevent a person from achieving enlightenment, 1) seeking worldly advantage. 2). desiring to hurt others. 3). slackness of mind. 4). worry. 5). uncetainty of the mind. In the Judaic tradition,they have circled their lives around the 13 Articles of Faith and in the Moslem world, one has to follow the Five Duties of a Moslem, which is required of every Moslem person. all these precepts created superstitions that was created in the minds of men, circling from their religious beliefs and traditions which was magnified thru their own fear of the unknown and the abyss.

Wow, and lalim ba?? sorry, i got carried AWAY.

At 4:29 PM, Blogger cathcath said...

glad that you're back frat.

I know how you 're feeling these days because of your borther. As usual, I appreciate your comments.

I go for quality and not quantity.


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