Monday, May 23, 2005

The gain is not worth the effort

Dear mouse,

I love this blog entry of Jobert of the World Famous in the Philippines about Donna Cruz, being a buttered errrm battered wife.

I really have no clue why it seems that the publicity gimmicks of the pr managers of these people are the physical abuses that these movie stars/starlets/soon to be stars endure for the purpose of putting them in the front page.

Don't they have some sort of evaluations if these really work for the stars? Do they court sympathy for the persons at the expense of the relatives?

Lowlife gimmicks. Nakakasuka.

So they have this new champion from the singing contest "SEARCH...whatever.

I could not imagine why his father has to agree to appear with BOy Abunda and admit that the one-time scolding and physical punishment for the refusal of the boy to join a contest is considered child battery.

The impression left to the viewers especially to the parents who dream to have succesful kids is to abuse them.

Isang beses lang ginawa and then ipinaliwanag pa niya ang dahilan, so why make it controversial as if the child was so abused that he struggled hard to win.

Ginagaya ba nila ang Michael Jackson's story?

Then, there is this nymphet, a former sexy movie star who must have employed Abunda or his other cohorts to give her another shot in the movieworld since her marriage to another bitplayer was going nowhere.

She claimed she is a battered wife again!!!!!

Sinampal siya, tapos naghiwalay sila.

Kawawa naman....When Abunda asked her to send the message to the husband...Sabi niya... I love you and that four year-marriage was a bliss (hindi exact words).

Noong tinanong kung gaano na katagal silang hiwalay. Sagot...three months.Toinktoinktoink

Cheap publicity. Kung pwede tigilan na nila. Hindi naman nakakaiyak. Nakakainis lang. Makita mo ang mga battered wives na sinasabi..nakahighlight pa.. nakalowneckline. Sheesh.

Battered wives such as Melissa Martel showed telltale signs of the abuse.

Battered wives usually endure the abuse for years and deny it.

The Ca t


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