Sunday, May 22, 2005

Strange Stories, Amazing facts

Dear mouse,

When I am not in the internet, I am reading books and when I am not reading books, I am watching TV.

For the last few nights, I have been dozing off ...would you believe...the last five minutes of the movies I was watching.

Parang sino pumatay, ano ang nangyari?

Feeling ko gusto kong i-rewind ang palabas.

Last night, and the other nights, I watched very interesting and intriguing movies for TV.

One was the "The Princess and the Marine".

Yes, Virginia, it was a love story.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOO.ano kanyo mahilig ako sa love story?

Batuhin ko kaya kayo ng sandwich na ang palaman ay penaut butter na may jelly.

Sa totoo lang. I did not see the first few minutes of the movie.

Ganyan naman talaga ako. I never sit down to watch TV not unless, I find the program interesting.

May nakita kasi akong mukhang Pilipina doon sa movie.

Pilipina nga. Ang role niya ay isa siyang sales associate sa mall na naging tulay noong Princess na taga Middle East at noong US marine. They communicated thru letters kahit na mayroon na ngayong internet at cell phone. Pilipinong pilipino. Naalala ko tuloy noong high school ako at ginawa rin along tulay noong dalawa kong teacher. Hindi ko alam sulat na pala ng pagtatanan ang dala-dala ko sa kapitbahay kong titser.

Anyway, so the plan of elopement and bringing her out of the country was mapped out.

The marine forged a mission order and produced a fake id for the princess as a marine.

Being an eighteen year old lady, first time to fall in love, she agreed to go with him.

She talked to her mother not to tell her about the plan to run away but to ask her if she loved her father when they got married.

Their marriage was fixed and she has never seen him until their wedding day. Now she is living in luxury and she thinks that she is blessed. Happy? happiness is relative.

That night after her talk with the mother,she run away.

Upon landing in the US, she was nabbed and detained in the US immigration using the no relative, no lawyer, no judge excuse for the speedy deportation.

At first, the authority would like to deport her but another INS guy who must have took pity on her, interceded on her behalf.

They tried to dissuade her to give up the plan of settling in the US because she had no right to be in this land where her family and sources of livelihood as "nourishment" is back home.

Writer's line or not, I like this dialogue:

Back home, we have a tree in the middle of the desert. People said, it has no right to be there since there is no water, the place is dry. But the tree lives.

Here, I am the tree and your land is my desert. I think I am going to live.

When she was told that the marine-boyfriend abandoned her, she did not believe them. According to her boyfriend, marines do not leave their posts, they wait, so she believed that he is just waiting for her call.

After meeting with the officers during her detention, she is brought back to the small detention cell where all she had was a small bed and a lavatory.

The agent asked one time, in your country, you are a princess living luxuriously, here here,it is all what you have, to which the princess responded. It is the same, I am still locked up.

What is very intriguing is the fact that the princess revealed when she was being convinced to go home.

She was seeking asylum for fear of being punished according to their laws, marrying a foreigner.

She told them the story of a woman who married a Briton.

Convinced that her family already accepted her marriage with the foreigner, the woman came home with the husband.

While the couple was in the country, the Briton was deported, woman was locked up in her parents' home and was sent to the doctor for a surgery to make her virgin again as if nothing happened.

This was a fact based story. The princess was able to marry the Marine who was demoted to corporal and was made to work with hard labor for 2 years because of the forgery he made.

Huwag muna kayong umiyak sa love story.

After five years of marriage, they divorced.

Pakisampal nga ako mouse. Sayang din ang mga sacrifices nila. Oh well. strange story indeed but amazing facts.

The Ca t


At 10:41 AM, Blogger infraternam meam said...

they got divorced because the guy is a Mormon, the Princess became so culture shock of her freedom and began to be playing around all of the time in Las Vegas because of the glitzy lights. the husband filed the divorce and they went on their separate ways.

At 2:05 PM, Blogger cathcath said...

napanood mo rin pala.



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