Friday, May 20, 2005

Nothing human is alien to me

Dear mouse,

Nothing human is alien to me--Tenessee Williams, The night of the Iguana.

Heavy ba ? Bigat nga. Parang hindi ko rin maaccept na masyado akong SERYWUS.

As they say, it is human nature to be imperfect. I am human and therefore I am imperfect. This is not the type of Sapagkat Kami ay Tao Lamang excuse to transgress one of the Ten Commandments, but it is rather the ability to control one's temper.

This I learned from two women.

One is not actually a woman yet, she is just a tiny four year old kid and the woman is the 84 year- old Caucasian living in the retirement home.

Last Tuesday, I helped out my friend to connect her high speed internet.She was the friend whom I helped order the computer.

While assembling the unit, I found out that the floppy disk drive was missing. I called the DELL that advertises 24/7 operation via phone calls.

I asked my friend to dial for me since I was installing the cd of the SBC dsl and it will take some time before the dsl lights go green.

So, we got a live customer service representative.

CSR: hewwo. (Intsik ang dating sa akin.)

Me: Is this Dell?

Isip ko kasi baka yong restaurant ng intsik na inoorderan namin ng food-to-go ang tinawagan ng aking kaibigan.

CSR: Yes (accent pa rin ng intsik).

Pagkatapos ng isang oras na pakikibaka sa pagreklamo na kulang ang ipinadala nilang components ng computer...

Pagktapos insinuate niyang hindi ako marunong kung ano ang floppy drive na muntik kong sagutin... HOYYYYYYYY IBM ang ikalawa kong desktop at TOSHIBA Ang aking laptop, lahat may floppy at CD/DVD anoooooooooooooooooo.

Hindi ko po sinabi yon.

Ito sabi niya sa akin.

CSR: I cannot solve the problem so I want you to call this extension number.

Me: Why did you not say so the first few minutes that I was talking to you?

Ma'am please dial this extension.

Me: Can you not just direct my call or transfer my call to whoever can solve this issue for me? You see, my knee hurts and it would take another 30 minutes just to follow all the instructions in your trunk line.(anong kinalaman ng tuhod ko sa pagtawag? NAKALUHOD ako noong kausap ko siya noh.)

By this time, Tumataas na ang aking blood pressure. Before I made another call, I remember that I have to call the old lady at the retirement home to make her feel that she is still remembered. I told her that I was talking to some CSRs and that I am pissed off. Before I hung up, SHE REMINDED ME this. JUST THINK THAT THESE PEOPLE NEED A JOB and the language barrier indicates that he is coming from a non-English speaking country. IF YOU HAVE BEEN STRETCHING YOUR PATIENCE BY A FOOT, STRETCH IT FURTHER BY A MILE.

Para akong sinampal ano. plak, plak, plak.

So I dialled the number again. This time, the CSR with the same accent offered to solve the problem for me. That time that I may be off the phone, he must have consulted the supervisor or the supervisor must have reprimanded him.I need not shout or complain for his inability to handle a problem brought to his attention.

While waiting for the dsl to be activated, my friend served a merienda.

The boy-from-hell dipped the dsl cd in the water. The mother screamed.

I rolled eyes.

The little girl was blessing me with her coke.

I feel that I am a saint.

DApat sagutin ko siya ng Amen. But I asked her mother to tell her, IT's BAD.

The little girl said, COKE IS NOT BAD. You are lying.

Napatingin ako sa nanay. Sabi ko mali ka nga.Ito ang dapat sabihin.

Coke is not bad but spraying me or someone with COKE is bad.


The little girl said nothing but stopped whatever she was doing. She mused.

I said, you can say sorry and I will give you another can of coke.

Hindi na niya ako winisikan.

Dapat ieexplain pala sa kanila what is bad. hindi lang yong That is bad, kasi confuse sila.

Sabi ko sa nanay niya, ayan tandaan mo yan. My Child Psychology 101.

The Ca t


At 3:33 PM, Anonymous milkphish said...

yung mga bagong latest-n-greatest computer ngayon ay wala nang floppy drives (1.4mb). nagulat din kami noong dumating ang dell namin --- pero it made sense right away. almost phased out na ang floppy because of the cd writers (700mb). maski yung zip drives (100mb), hindi na uso :)

when we did call for dell support a few times, it was very obvious that the call center technician were filipino because of their "manila" accent --- so, my husband asked one of them where they were located at --- the technician told him that they weren't supposed to say, so my husband asked if they were in the philippines --- the call center person was surprised, and asked him how he knew. my husband mentioned that they "sounded" filipino. the person then asked if his accent was obvious. my husband said no --- that he's just able to hear the difference . . . . . . .

At 4:31 PM, Blogger cathcath said...

that one I talked to is not a Filipino.

I was able to talk to one Filipino techie. His accent is very American
that you would not know. but before I hung up, he said salamat.
That was the only time I realized that he is a Filipino. He must be giggling when I was speaking to my
friend in Tagalog in the background.


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