Friday, June 03, 2005

Jose Rizal, the first Filipino blogger

Dear mouse,

I should have written this in our blogkadahan but I chose to present something else, a humurous one.

If May is the month of festivities in the Philippines, June is the month to celebrate the greatness of Filipinos, not necessarily the national heroes.

A blog, as many agree is a journal or a diary on line, whether it is about oneself or about the current events. As people, we make history and now we write history from our journal.

More than a century before blogs became popular, we have already a blogger, a diarist-- someone who took notes of his travels, his observations and maybe if he were alive today, he would be blogging too.

Read some of his "blogs" ermm diary entries.

1. blog about what he ate:

I have eaten luncheon for one mark, tip and beer included.

2. blog about the sunrise

Today I see clearly the sunrise. One can look at the red disk without hurting the eyes. It rises little by little in the horizon.

3. about one of his travels

At 7:15 we left Dinynnau. The Merkens is an old steamer with two chimneys. In front of the national monument is a sunken ship.

4. about his observations

Many German women and above all English women wear their hair short like men. There was with us a young woman with short hair and without holes in her ears.

5. blog about his feeling

I took refuge at the University from the shower and there on the bulletin board I read a sad thing: A very severe decision against a student announcing to the public that the young Frederick Wensel is forever expelled from all universities because his conduct makes him unworthy to attend classes.

6. blog to inform and warn

Notice to Girls, etc.

In German newspapers it is usual to find announcements for housekeepers, companions, maids, servants, etc. The interested parties are requested to present themselves at certain stations in Holland, France, or England. The Rotterdam Association, in order to abolish prostitution, warns women and girls to be very careful with such advertisements. I return to Leipzig in an express train.

Meet the first Filipino "blogger", Jose Rizal.

For more of his diaries, visit this.

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At 10:23 PM, Blogger red_door8 said...

hmmm.. I bet it would be interesting to read his journal/diary entries of his lovelife. Haha. Or when he was still a student. :)

At 3:15 AM, Blogger cathcath said...

you bet, karla,
and his letters too. His philospophies never became obsolete with the passage of time.

I like best his support to the Ladies
from Malolos in their quest for evening classes. So liberal thinking for a man towards women in that century when women were just relegated to housekeeping and mothering roles in the families.


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