Wednesday, February 26, 2003

MUSINGS- The CAT is a rat.

Dear Mouse,

I got cold feet. I mean it literally and figuratively.

I got cold feet; I cannot face the truth. Somehow, something just kind of hit me; I am no longer a child. I should get past that age of rebelliousness. I should be in the stage figuring what life is...and please somebody stop the clock... there is so much pain before happiness ‘cause nothing good lasts forever...I am afraid to become who I really am. I am wondering what messages will I allow in my heart.

CAT: What ? Do not look at me. I am merely reading a diary of a lonely confused young lady about to add another year in her life.

Yes, I got cold feet and cold nose too. Where the hell are my socks. I thought I washed them last week. You got spare, Mr. Wanderlust ? know from straining coffee bits.

Quotation of the hour-

As a rule, for no one does life more disagreeably than for him who tries to speed up. ---Jean Paul Richter

The Ca t