Sunday, February 23, 2003


Dear Mouse,

-The CAT in the Coffee POT in the Coffeeshop

What stresses women, be they career, business or plain housewives ?

Yes, housewives have a lot of stresses upcoming dinner to host for some bigwigs from the office of the hubby, recitals of the kids, busted plumbing, redecorating projects..they could fill a book.

Let the cat bring you to her favorite coffeeshop where some humans are having their coffee break. Waiting for my strudels stresses me out too. These humans. meoww

Len: Don't be surprised if you don't see me around from hereon til May. There's one family coming and they will be staying with me. They're actually coming here first week of March, but I'm already stressing out. What can we do for entertainment? That's my problem. My city is not exactly a tourist destination. Oh well. Any ideas ?

(Cat : strudels and coffee, make it black please)

Jujulep:Len -Go get a visitors' guide - leave it out on the coffee table and spend an evening with them looking it over. Let them decide! - You are going to do FINE and I KNOW it's the cooking that's really got you stressed so KISS (keep it simple stupid LOL). Sandwiches, soup, salads, stuff like that. Hang in there girlfriend - you'll be fine!

(CAT: My strudels please).

Len:I don't take breakfast, just coffee, then a sandwich for lunch and then I prepare full meal for supper.... but w/ guests... oh my gosh.... pancakes, omelettes, toasted bread and butter for breakfast, then in an hour or two, prepare again for lunch, then in another hour or two, dinner...... just thinking of it already stresses me out.

Philamgypsy:Are you trying to start a Bed & Breakfast business??? They just serve coffee, juice, tea, toast or croissant. Relax. Listening to you also stresses me out.

(CAT: and that is her third cup of espresso and I do not see my strudels coming).

Len: I am finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel. The hubby has given the green signals for me to use for the Reno trip, and I have at least 20 dishes that I can cook way ahead of time.

I'm beginning to look forward to their visit, the curb appeal is almost done, curtains changed, pretty primroses already planted, the rest promised to clean up the backyard this coming weekends,extra aerobed already bought, what else can I do to make it nice and comfy ?

Wanderlust: I will make hilut-hilot your back and you would not even know it, one day is over , smoothly..Make simple casseroles, one that they don't normally eat in the Phils. so they don't know the difference. Relax!

(CAT: errrm simple casserole ? but where is my strudel).

Len: You ain't seen nothin' yet. I'm making kiskis na bathroom cabinets so I can repaint the ugly brown color to white. And I'm doing that all by myself, thank you.

(CAT: Do not forget my box. I want pastel color.)

Wanderlust : Believe it or not Len, all you need is a neatly-made home and a welcoming countenance and a simple food fare will do. You don't have to turn your home around for your neighbors or relatives.

Edgarbb: You said it, ol' buddy- you better get crackin'... Consuelo de bobo, compare yourt weight thereafter to your weight now, and your waist measurement, and rejoice at the loss of avoirdupois from your butt.

(CAT: My strudels please. HELLOOOO can you hear me ?)

Len: The avoirdupois is happily and comfortably entrenched in my butt.

Edgarbb:Cool it, pal. Unlax! I don't think they'll expect you to wait hand and foot on them.It's always darkest before the dawn.(Or, the calm before the storm. Hohoho...)

(CAT: And I am waiting since dawn for my strudels).

Vgie: Well, Len, after 3 days they're no longer guests so prepare what you usually prepare. What matters most is your company.

(CAT: what about my strudels? shucks humans...they do not care if cats are also stressed out. I better go to KFC for some chicken bone but wait, I am a cat, not a dog...meow.)

Proverb of the day

It is good to remember that a tea kettle, although up to its neck in hot water, continues to sing.

WHERE IS MY COFFEE. Just because I am a cat, I do not deserve good service. Now where did they go......

The Ca t