Wednesday, February 26, 2003

POEM – Ahem – The CA T in a Poet’s hat

Dear Mouse,

Precious Moments, ahem

Precious moments are, when I quietly slip away beyond the realm of worldly cares,

Precious moments are, when I watch the sunbeams peeking through the window pane as if looking for that solitary figure in the shadows of a cozy candlelit room...

Precious moments are, when I know serenity, enjoying the silence of an afternoon, listening to the....

"I LOST MY NOSE." wailing of the brat CAN'T BREATHE.. he gets more hysterical... but your nose is right there. the sister interjects...HOWCUM,can't breathe? becuz you stuff it wid dat strip silly.itz supposed-to-be-stuck-in-the- middle-of-your-nose, look-from auntie-moonlighting-baby sitter stopped –the older girl from saying the s..word...The kids’ mother's breathright strips.

*ahem* where was I ?

Drat, I lost my focus. Anybody who wants to adopt a cat?

Quotation of the day

I have never started a poem yet whose end I knew. Writing a poem is discovering. - T. S Eliot

The cat purrs.

The Ca t