Tuesday, February 25, 2003

A view from rose-colored glasses

Dear Mouse,

-CAT wearing shades hoping to get better service from humans at the coffee shop.

Jujulep - I can see through your eyes only if you wear my glasses! -

(CAT: try my cat’s eyes)

Wanderlust : Oh! definitely but tell me what color shade comes out of your eyes when you've got your glasses on? If it does not turn dark brown...I understand why our minds don't process the same thing.

(CAT:my coffee please...use the cup not the drinking glasses)

.Jujulep: With sunglasses on.... oh, goodness, who knows. I have been told that I have more pairs of sunglasses than Imelda did shoes. Red, yellow, blue, black, brown, pink, green, gray, etc., - lenses of all different shades! But, if I'm really mad or have been crying then, they are green. (and red - hahaha

(CAT: make mine pink..it's cool, )

Wanderlust: Very colorful.. I 'll stay away when they are going red.. they are infectious!

CAT: make mine, black, I mean the coffee)

Jujulep: Why would my eyes not turning dark brown have anything to our minds not processing the same thing?

(CAT: meow)

Wanderlust : Let's put it this way, Color shading the mind... color comes out at the right amount of light. If we are looking at the same object, it may be looked differently when it is seen at the direction of a rising sun than when it is seen from the direction of the setting of sun. But with the right amount of light.....without the glare of contrasting lights, you have the object's color right for you. You are the artist here. Tell me about it, J.

(CAT: meow)

Jujulep:Okay, regarding the shading.... Of course I understand what you mean in seeing things in a different light. Objects will definitely appear differently when viewed at different times of day, under fluorescent lights (like those awful things they put in bathrooms! LOL), in pure light, on a cloudy day or a sunny one. Not only will the shade of colour change but the tonal texture of the object will as well at times.

But I *may* understand what you are trying to say. It has nothing to do with an artist's palette. Are you referring to the fact that the sun rising from the East (as in your homeland) and setting in the West (as in America)? Given the fact that we were both born at opposite ends of the "light spectrum", if that is what you mean, I DO understand how the rising sun and the setting sun see things differently. With the right amount of light (let's say midday for the heck of it) with no glaring contraction coming from either a brightly rising sun or a setting one - then things become clearer. In other words, "Think in the middle" or "Be in the middle" to where you CAN see both sides and appreciate the value of what you are looking at. I find myself in the middle. I am an expat in my own motherland. I have no true home to speak of anymore. I DO see things from many different perspectives. Is that what you were getting at?

On the other hand...... I still don't see what the colour of our eyes have to do with it! LOL

(CAT: meow)Meow meow meow (translation: Help, I lost my voice. What did you put in my coffee, humans ?)

Proverb of the day for the cat

Keep your eyes open and your mouth shut.

Mmm mmmm mmmm help. this tape is not funny at all.

Proverb of the day:

Some people complain why GOD put thorns on roses while others praise Him for putting Roses among thorns.

The Ca t