Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Strudels for the Spirit Learning Life's Lessons thru Letters

Dear Mouse,

Learning Life's Lessons thru Letters- -EDUCATING A CAT

Lesson 1 A Spiritual and Practical Course of RECOGNIZING A GIFT

I am enrolled in the University of Life. Naah, not that university in Pasig. I do not have a textbook, I do not have a formal curriculum and I do not have a classroom. I have professors. But we do not see each other. It is not an on-line course though but the lessons are sent thru messages, posts and e-mails. Learn with me.

Dear Cat,

My precious, before I forget, I better say this, as again we never know.... You are a rare breed, as you are IN TOUCH WITH YOUR EMOTIONS. Do you know that people go through life not knowing that they need to be in touch with their emotions???I think this is where our soul lies ... in our emotion. When you have a spare time, read the books "The Power of Now" By: Eckhart Tolle and "A Course In Miracles". I read "A Course in Miracles" years ago and it took me months to finish it. I was disable when I read that book. It was quite a struggle since my mind was functionally impaired. I still have the book and am revisiting it. It is heavy reading, but if there's any book that I suggest you should have outside of the Bible is this one. I just started "The Power of Now" a week ago and again, I'm taking it very slowly.

I'm sure you know how well blessed you are. Superior intellect is not a necessity for someone to have a "good/rich" life. This is even open to several interpretations, dependent on one's background. To some, this means material things. Personally, this is not what I mean. One can have all the material possessions, and still cannot claim having a good rich life. I believe we are able to be in this state of "good/rich" life when we make ourselves in touch with our emotions and keep it intact. To act on what we know or what we learned is also a difficult challenge to take on. It's like riding a horse; we fall at times, but we need to get back on the saddle to continue our journey. Naku!!! heavy na ito, halika, magtawanan na tayo at gusto ko lang na sabihing marami kang GIFTS and those gifts are to be shared to all....bisouxxxx


Quotation --

It is not what he has or what he does that expresses the worth of a man but for what he is -Henri Frederick Amiel

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