Thursday, May 08, 2003

STORY 4 LIFE IS STRANGER (WEIRDER)THAN FICTION CAT: “It should die or be away forever. “ In time, I will be rich and this house will be mine”. bwaaaaahahahahaha. It was 1 a.m. The CAT could not sleep. She was sitting at her desk staring at the white screen of her laptop.”. The words were very softly spoken in a sinister voice; they reverberate to the four walls of the dark room waking the human/companion/alter ego of the CAT. SHE: Who gave you the idea that I will give this house to you when I die. This house is not mine. It is rented, silly. Besides you are not a stray cat. You are just my thought astray. Reading too much news of ‘CAT’s interest make you journey to your make-BELIEVE WORLD. MSNBC NEWS SERVICESLONDON, May 6 —Trust fund cat laps it up in London Stray feline inherits house, $160,000 fund from elderly widow He has a house and a trust fund — but will it last all nine lives, especially in a down economy? Time will tell for Tinker the cat, whose wealthy owner died recently — leaving the feline the bulk of her estate worth just under $700,000. BUT FOR NOW, it’s the lap of luxury for the former stray, who now lives in a London house valued at $500,000. Margaret Layne, 89, left the house and the $160,000 fund for his care after Tinker befriended her, the Times newspaper reported on Tuesday. The childless widow made it clear in her will that Tinker, who has lifelong residency at the house, should not stray again. “If Tinker abandons the property permanently the trustees shall at their discretion be entitled to bring the trust to an end,” the will said, according to the Times. Since Layne’s death Tinker, aged about eight, has acquired two housemates at the three-bedroom property in Harrow, north London — two other cats, Lucy and Stardust. When Tinker dies, the estate will pass to the trustees, Ann and Eugene Wheatley, who deliver Tinker’s food and milk each day. CAT: I am annoyed, exhausted and the system froze. Tomorrow the first agenda of the day is to search for rich, lonely and relative-less old people. The search for the prospective adoptor officially starts now. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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