Friday, May 09, 2003

Story 7 LIFE IS BUT A DREAM Friend : Here we are. Tell you what, I am going to leave you for an hour. I am going to get something from the store and I will be back to join you for lunch. My mom asked Aling Ising to cook your favorite. CAT: Wow, but I smell something. Friend: Okay, okay. Got to tell you the truth. My mom is currently suffering from hormonal imbalances…and.. CAT: Speak Tagalog, my dear. Friend: Okay, she is in okray-okray mood again. Love sick. You know mom. CAT: And… Friend: Among the friends, I think you are the best who should be with her now. CAT: Why, if I may ask ? You are the shrink in the family. Friend: Because you have perfected the ART OF LISTENING. What she needs now is a good listener of her imagined woes. If I am going to be her shrink, I cannot promise I would not react and call the man, Jerk, dude and I know it gonna hurt my mom. Maghirap magpalaki ng MADER. CAT: In short, STOIC personality. Believe naman ako saiyo. So when did you become mature enough to understand your mother. Friend: Since the time I realized, that except for her being madrama na feeling niya CELIA RODRIGUEZ siya, she is a good mom. Single parent, single all her life but never been alone. Somehow, sometime, the role will be switched from parent taking care of the children to vice versa. It just came to me sooner. Not financial support but more in the emotional aspect. CAT: Okay, before you drench me into tears and give you MOST OUTSTANDING DAUGHTER AWARD, let us get out of here. FRIEND’s MA: Hello, my dear. Good to see you again. You have not changed a bit. It seems you hardly move from your seat the last time, I saw you. CAT: Thank you Mom. (Among us friends, we call our moms, mom). Friend: Mom, I have to run. Be back in an hour. Friend’s MA: Okay, ATE S. Friend: Ow, that is how my mom calls me. We are supposed to be sisters. I am the older one. CAT: Okay Ate S. My friend’s mom still looks young for her age. She is a Vicky Belo disciple. Being in advertising business, personality counts a lot. Besides, she became a mother to my friend when she just graduated from high school. CAT: Kumusta po kayo. Friend’s MA: Masyado ka pa ring polite. Your mom brought you up to be a fine lady. I cannot say, I am good. I got puffy eyes. I will be lying if I tell you that it is due to my allergy to make-up. CAT: Thank you for those nice words. I hope it is not that serious…that whatever cause the puffiness. Friend’s MA:: NO I have been crying for hours and I am drained. CAT: (Nice dialogue for a story, shall I make her lie in the couch or drat. I better sit still) Friend’s MA: Let me ask, when should you end a relationship. CAT: (to herself: You are barking up at a wrong tree. Malay ko sa relasyon but this is where my readings come handy.) May be when the relationship does not give you anymore the companionship, security and love that most oftentimes are the goals of the two individuals who want to spend their lives together. (WOW, did the cat say that ?) Friend’s MA: I know it is a waste of time to continue a relationship where there is no more trust. I was hurt, I am furious but I still love him. He told me that I am the greatest woman he ever has a relationship with. He sent me dozens of flowers even there is no occasion at all. We were a perfect match. Tapos nakakita lang ng bata, biglang may I turn about siya. The jerk. If he ever calls and tell me that he wants to come and he would not be able to survive a day without hearing my laughter…I would tell him go to hell.. I f he ever calls me and tell me that that was only a fling and nothing more… I would call him a…h.ole… If he ever calls me to ask me if I miss his massage of my feet, I would tell him, the foot spa is a better subsitute. CAT: Why would you not listen to him first. We have weaknesses of our own. Men think that lust is love and women think that physical attraction eads to spiritual communion. Ringgg…. Friend’s Mom: Hellow…(deep silence). Excuse me, while I take this call in my room. CAT: Okay with me. I will say hello to Aling Ising and see if the bulalo is cooked. As if on cue, my friend came. Friend: You do not have to tell me. I think the big Jerk called. If I were my mom, a karate chop and a poke in his eyes would serve him good. CAT: Remember, we can only be children to our mother . We cannot give them the company they want especially if we have our own lives to live. Friend: Tell me, how do you end a relationship ? CAT: By stop talking.


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