Thursday, May 08, 2003

Story 5 LIFE IS NOT A BED OF ROSES I was ushered in by the governess ( pagandahin ang salitang maid). My friend was sprawled in her big luxurious leather sofa. She motioned me to sit down but she did not take her eyes off the TV monitor. You guessed right. She was watching a soap opera. HE: God, part of me died when you said that you are leaving for good. (Cat thinks it is highly improbable and impossible. Which part could it be?) SHE: This was not planned. This is a decision that is difficult to make. HE: But what about our relationship ? SHE: There was no relationship. If ever there was, it has nowhere to go. It is the thin line between hate and love. Hate for myself-- why I have to fall for a married man and love for a man who loves only himself. He does not think of the consequences of this stupid feeling… She reached for the remote and shut off the TV. CAT: So this is your new diversion, watching soap opera. The CAT made a gesture of beso-beso (KISSING CHECKS) by slightly touching the cheek of the friend and make a kissing sound. FRIEND: what do you expect me to do during this stork-waiting.period I have been useless since the third month of my pregnancy. Nakta mo yang sofa. Yong depression diyan sukat sa ko. CAT: Weren;’t you my friend who made dusta dusta (insult) to our friends who watched Lovingly Yours and its likes ? FRIEND: Hey, we already imported soap that does not make bubble but makes us teary-eyed. Besides, I can identify myself with the heroines. And I can put alias to my enemy using the names of the characters from the cast. CAT: Saan, alin. Battered wife ? If I know ikaw ang nagbubugbog sa asawa. (physical abuse) FRIEND: No, naman. Yong mga heroine na nagkacrush sa mga asawa ng best friends nila. CAT: Ay, not heroine, villainess. FRIEND: Doesn’ t that episode ring a bell. Ting-aling-ting-aling. CAT: Masyadong active ang imagination mo. FRIEND: Para bang gusto kong sumulat ng drama..true to life story. CAT: Baliw ka pa rin. FRIEND: because you make good material for a soap opera. Huwag nga lang may bathing scene at baka magsuot ka ng fatigue. Pero ang dialogue runs this way: CAT: Got to go. I just brought your pasalubong. I know you cannot go out without-your bp shooting up-to-the-ceiling. You are too young to have an alta presyon. FRIEND: Family disease yan. Matataas ka si ang presyon eh. Thank you. I am not thru wih you yet. Abangan


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