Friday, May 09, 2003

Story 6 LIFE IS A JOKE A strange thing happened to a friend of mine yesterday. Friend: Hello, I am...Do you have the copy of the book by a certain missionary who became a hostage of a rebel group in the Philippines. Phone: Let me check..can i put you on hold ? Friend: Sure. Phone: Lucky you, we do have that title hardbook cover. $ 22.99 Friend: Is there no paperbound? Phone: It's a new release and it will take a year before they are printed in paperbound edition. Would you like me to reserve a copy for you for pickup. Friend: Oh no, thank you. I will just come down and see it is worthwhile reading before I decide to buy. She checked the book in It is 5 dollar less but the shipping will make it more expensive than when it is picked up from the bookstore. Friend: (to the inofrmation) I cannot find the book I am looking for. The guy from groundfloor told me it can be found in the Inspirational. Information : What is the title of the book ? Friend: In the Presence of My Enemies Information : I cannot find it in our list. Did you say you talk to one of our sales staff ? Friend: Yes. Information: Did she tell you that we have a copy or copies ? Friend: Yes, why? Is it sold out ? Information: Am sorry lady but I do not seem to see that we carry that title. Friend: Must be another book of the same title that she thought I was interested in. Thank you anyway. hhmmm


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