Sunday, May 11, 2003

MOTHER'S DAY HAPPY OR NOT PART 2 I have more mother stories to write but let me take a pause to lighten the mood of this nook by presenting an edited version of a humorous collection of words of wisdom of a mother by Mr Edgarbb to suit the occasion. >(Jude: How well Big Brother and I remember the joys and sorrows that we shared while living with ma and pa. Especially the beautiful lessons in life that ma imparted to us!) 1. Mother taught me that cleanliness is to next Godliness. "If you guys are gonna kill each other, do it outside. You lazy good-for-nothings- I just finished cleaning the house!!!" 2. Mom taught me how to pray. "If that shirt stain doesn't come off, you better start prayin to your favorite saint!..." 3. Mother taught me LOGIC. "That is so 'coz I say so!..." 4.Mother taught us more LOGIC. "If you fall off that roof, I'm going to the movies alone!..." 5. Mom taught me that vegetables are really no veggies.. “And don't stand up till you've finished your veggies!!!" 6. And mom showed us what a WEATHER DISASTER is ? "Holy cow, look at your rooms! Did a tornado touch down???" 7.Mom showed us the meaning of GRATITUDE: "There are so many orphans in this world, you oughta be grateful you've got parents like us!" 8. Mom taught me HUMOR. "If you don't stop playing with that lawn mower and you cut off your foot, don't you run away from me!!!..." 9.And my favorite bit of wisdom from my mom is the meaning of karma. "One of these days you will have your own brats who will give you same trouble.


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