Friday, May 23, 2003

DO YOU FEEL LOVED I saw a pigeon in the middle of the road. It won't fly. It won't move. It was just there. It seems saying, kill me. It was looking at what appeared to be the remains of another pigeon that might have been run over by a car, as to when, who knows.Only a few feathers left. The pigeon looked like, it cannot get over the death of a friend or a lover. The grief must be so intense that it did not bother if it too would be the victim of a hit-and-run driver. We waited until it finally walked to the side of the street. It did not fly. It must be thinking of coming back for the fallen friend. The fallen bird was loved; some people aren't. Mood: Mixed What mixed? halo-halo ? We, gurls used to say, "gwapo sana, kaya lang..(insert some dumb, dumber. dumberer situations)". I was falling in line in the bank. I noticed the guy, two bodies away. Ehhmm great profile. Neat attire. Shoes...leather...clean ...Then I saw the casual trousers...and the long tape....34, 34, 34 , 34, 34, 34. My lady friend who pretended to be *dumberer* commented. Must be his age ? Gagaahhh measurement yan in inches. Owwww, that long ? Gusto kong manampal and she isn't even blonde. ew ew ew.


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