Thursday, May 29, 2003

SHORT BLOGS Getting older I like Christopher de Leon. He is a good actor. He was acting when he said that it can be tough being a man, with all the feelings, sentiments and frustrations kept within. I am not Christopher, neither I am an actor. (but I won a best actress award when I was in College in my role as a mental case. I do not to have to act anyway. hehehe). I am not a man either but lately, I try to keep frustrations deep within me. Not really. Not so long ago, I would have face the people and the things that frustrate me and address them first hand. I feel old already. I do not want to hurt other people’s feelings. That is how far this goes. Someone is reading my mind thru my writings. ========================================= The other day, I met one of our managers in the elevator. I gave my best smile. He just looked at me and pretended as if I was some sort of an invisible alien who is testing how antiquated our elevator is. It is not the color of the skin. Mas maitim siya sa akin. Itim na itim. Pati siguro buto. In my planet na bawal ang nakasimangot, I could have just ask him what bugs him. (ano ba problema mo sa mundo). Anyway, since I am growing more mature forcibly by the hours, by the minutes because of close encounters with people who are either cerebral or shallow, I just dismiss it with a thought, inggit ka lang sa jacket ko. (Shallow rin). ================================================ Talking about shallowness, I would have chosen to be in this category if I know I would be famous and my accomplishment will be chronicled in the Guinnes World of Record. From Ananova: Indian man creates new world record for longest ear hair An Indian man has set a new record for having the longest ear hair in the world. Radhakant Bajpai's ear tufts measure 13.2cm, or 5.19ins, at their longest point. The previous record was held by another Indian man, Anthony Victor, whose ear hair measured 11.5 centimetres. Bajpai, a 50-year-old grocer, said he'd been inspired to try for the record by B D Tyagi, an earlier holder of the record. He told the Hindustan Times: "Making it to the Guinness records is indeed a special occasion for me and my family. God has been very kind to me." Story filed: 11:03 Friday 16th May 2003 CAT: Nakakaiyak talaga. I am starting to grow my whiskers. Someone, please help me draft my press statement. ================================= A woman in California won the bid in e-Bay for a perverted cracker. Description is as follow: This Animal Cracker was found just like this out of the package.. It is not a fake.. I am the one that found it just like this.. It is a Goat riding a Hippo.. I have never seen anything like this before.. It would be a cool thing to have at partys and to show off to people.. I know everyone I have showed it to almost dies laughing.. Shipping is $5... CAT: I hope nobody accidentally/intentionally eat the cracker during a party. There goes the $ 38 inclusive of shipping. ================== Hmmm. Methinks I am going to bid for that clock at the e-bay..It is a beautiful conversation piece for get-together of people who find it difficult to be on time. Decription: Ever wanted to take those awful embarrassing moments back? Well now you can! Maybe you're 80 and want to feel like 18 or even be 18! Have fun with your friends and family as you watch the hours fly by in reverse! Disclaimer: the Backwards Clock is not a time machine - nor a fountain of youth! Takes one AA (Double A) Battery not included! All of our Clocks that we are selling are Mint in the Original Package. And have never been opened ================================= Package/Return Policy Talking about package, I bought a web page maker software together with two more.(I am becoming serious in blogging) that I want to have my own style. Three cds for $ 20. I installed the web page maker, only to find out that I got one in my computer. Anyhowhow, I read in the package that it may be exchanged for same item within 14 da......with orig.......ceipt and pac..ging. I have not kicked that habit of ripping off packages, wrappers and even envelopes. I realized I have been using the letter opener a lot not for its intended use, i.e. " to make tusok of retratos of humans". If there are humans who are allergic to cats. So are we, CATS. mwehhee


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