Wednesday, May 28, 2003

UPDATES ON PIGEONS ERRM DOVES? I forgot to tell you that the next morning, I saw a dead pigeon or dove on the same spot where the first bird was. I am not sure whether it was its mate or another bird. Regardless of the negative thoughts about pigeons as "rats with wings", poop all over the place, noisy, dirty and spread diseases, this CAT was gripped by a sad, sinking feeling seeing the dead bird. I need to make a visit to that place where humans are addicted to some substance and stuff, they call coffee. Oh, its been a while that I have not visited these people who would chat about topics randomly as an excuse to drink coffee. Talking about pigeons. Jude:Some doves (which are often mistaken for pidgeons) do mate for life. I have one morning dove that's lived alone in my back yard for years ever since it's mate was killed. I don't know how but we found it in our drive, extremely dead. Poor little survivor.... but, life must go on. Wander :J, I am one of those who don't know their birds. Will you tell me the difference between a dove and a pigeon? CAT: methinks, a dove starts with d and pigeon with p. bwahahahaha Jude: Wander - a dove and a pigeon are really the same thing. Pigeons are larger and do have the propensity to carry fleas and I don't know that doves do. There are many varieties of both - but you could reasonably call a dove a pigeon and a pigeon a dove and be correct. CAT: and I call a mouse a rat and a rat a mouse. Wander: When you say they are differentiated by their largeness or smallness, do they both carry normal sizes with them? Can a pigeon mate a dove? How would you know that a birdling is that of dove or a pigeon or when it is a she or a he? CAT: Methinks that Victorian crowned pigeons are the biggest...they are as big as hen turkey. Talking about turkey, can I have turkey sandwich please. meow. The smallest is the pygmy dove. Methinks, it has a bone in its beak.hehehehehe. Jude: Well... I'm not sure what you mean about the first question, but doves are much smaller than pigeons. As to the second question.... I had to do a quick look up on that. It seems that there are many species of both and they do not interbreed unless they are kept alone together (a male and a female) and this is a rarity. CAT: Methinks turtle doves that do not look like a turtle. Quail doves that do not look like quail…mm yum…turtle soup and quail eggs. What am I thinking ? Wander: DC, talking of Pigeons and doves, one good lesson that I learned of them is the fact that they do mate for life and the survivors normally find mates in a very slow pace. Let us ask Jude if this is true in as much as she seems to be knowledgeable with pigeons. Edgarbb: Call it monogamy. Pigeons practise monogamy. You reminded me of a murder I committed when I was young that until now gives me a twinge of conscience: I killed the mate of a pigeon. CAT: Now they are talking about murder. Methinks effect of coffee. Edgarbb: My dad back home had a flock of pigeons, and his pride was a beautiful white pigeon with a long tail which it loved to spread open when strutting around in the backyard- It really looked so beauiful, so handsome walking around like a peacock with its tail spread like a fan, my dad had taken to calling it "Prince". CAT: I hope it did not change its name to TFKP. Edgarbb: It was definitely different from the rest, and dad was looking forward to having some more when it breeds. But for unknown reasons, it took as its mate a drab, unkempt-looking frowsy female which hardly groomed itself so that its feathers was always a mess. CAT: Methinks, he should have brought it to a vet for grooming. Edgarbb: (Reminded me of a housewife in a threadbare bathrobe and hairs in curlers, hehehe...) To top it all, its eggs were infertile. CAT: Must have taken a lot of birth control pills. Edgarbb: Many a time, my dad would stand guard near its nest under an eave to make sure nothing happens to its eggs-- in vain. Long after the eggs of other couples had hatched, her two eggs would still be there, with Prince solicitously hovering around. CAT: Methinks, Under the Saya pala. (rolleyes) Edgarbb: I decided to take matters into my own hands: I decided that Prince needed a new mate. (Admittedly, it never entered my mind that "the problem" could have been with Prince and not his mate!) Knowing that pigeons are monogamous, I knew that the floozy had to be removed from the scene before Prince, the dang fool, would take up with another female. CAT: Methinks, sounds like the evil mother who wants to get rid of the daughter-in-law. Background music please. Edgarbb: When I saw her standing alone on top of the roof with Prince nowhere in sight, I took my .22 pistol, aimed, fired- and she rolled down the roof and plopped on the ground- dead. (I still am a good pistol shot.) CAT: Bloody... Edgarbb: To my chagrin and dad's great disappointment, Prince disappeared. I wish I could say "for reasons known only to pigeons", but somehow, I've got the feeling that it had something to do with the death of his mate. Prince left because he didn't want to be reminded of a place where he had spent many happy hours with his love. We never saw him again. DC: Home busted that lovely love affair! And that show-off of a Prince...he must had been so broken-hearted! .. CAT: Methinks, only people become broken hearted.


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