Friday, May 30, 2003

TGIF Friday. I should congratulate myself. The carpet in the bedroom is still clutter free. Whoaaa. Must be that I am not reading. The books are in the shelves. Oops, there are two under my pillows. Must be that I am on-line most of the time. . Not into chatting. Like a cigarette, this is habit-forming. The only habit I want to be regular is my morning ritual. It takes me quarter of an hour to read e-mails and another half or hour to respond to some. It is not because I am a slow thinker. It is because I am not good in typing. My speed is one word per minute. I did not hone my typing skill when I was in College. The career counselor/adviser/visionary thought that I would make good as a manager with a secretary who will type my correspondence. Excuses, excuses. What's more with the replacement of the ever noisy typewriters with the user-friendly keyboards that allow even two finger-typing (is there such a word, okay, I a making it up) doing the job of the whole typing pool,who needs a typing skill of 70 words per minute. The other fractions of hours are allotted to reading newspapers and visiting some message boards. I try to minimize this last activity. Some people incognito in their handles pull my string and turn this dainty CAT into politically -correct- metaphor blurting ogre. This weekend, I am going to try what I have been thinking all week... Put two cups of dry red beans in the food processor and grind to a powder. Set aside. Mix one teaspoon honey, 1 egg yolk, 1/2 teaspoon olive oil and 1/2 teaspoon half and half or heavy cream. set aside. Mix the powdered red beans with little water to form a paste. Spread all over your face (except for the eye) as a mask. Leave the mask on the face for five minutes and then rinse thoroughly with water. Follow with the hydration mask made from honey, cream and yolk. (Above). Apply to the face including eye area and leave it for 20 minutes. Rinse with water. Get the phone and dial for pizza. Yum... So you think the CAT is cooking this weekend. That is a recipe for facial. Memories: The torrentail rains that brought Great Flood to Metro Manila and suburbs the past days brought memories...the plank of a wood that becomes an instant Bridge of Madison County saving a lot of expensive leather and rubber shoes of students in the university belt...ladies with their skirts up wading through the brown colored floodwater trying to avoid the open manholes...children swimming in the stalled...enterprising men offering the "tulak" service for cars that stopped breathing due to choking... My lady friend and I cannot forget that time that our car was stranded for hours. The traffic would not move.We looked for a short cut. We were in the vicinity where these lovers' rendesvouz can be found in almost all corners of the narrow roads. I felt I was going to the bathroom. The water was already inside the car. But the car was still running. We struck an idea. Bad idea. Why don't we check in and wait for the traffic to ease out or the flood to subside. Why not, so we drove in. Haaa. An attendant talked to my friend while I held any muscle movement that would make me go anytime. Sorry, they do not allow ladies unescorted. He threw us a sino-ba-sainyo-look. Gawdddd.....sabi ko sa kaibigan ko, ako sigurado ako, lady...Sabi niya, if I could just get out of the car, I could have given him a whack in his head with my stilleto shoes. So back to the problem. My friend suggested that I should do in the car. No way. What does she think of me a dog ? Do not ask me how I relieve myself. I have the right to remain silent. The CAT got her own tongue.


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