Monday, July 14, 2003

The BOOK Dear Mouse, Some considers television as the most important invention of humanity. I say, it is the book. It has many uses. It imparts knowledge first and foremost. When I was young and too lazy to study, I put the book under my pillow. I had that silly idea that the letters from the book would slowly crawl out of the papers and enter my head, then settle in my brain waiting for me to retrieve them. Now that I am adult, I find other uses of books. It is more effective than sleeping pills especially if one has aversion to reading. It can be used as seat cushion for tiny humans who can hardly reach the table in sitting position. It can be used for self defense...especially the heavy clothbound type. It is a good substitute for a kick to the groin by throwing it to the right target or using it like a brick to pound one's head. For me, it is a companion. It makes me laugh, cry (oopsie), and wonder and wander in another realm.(Did I read this somewhere ?). The CAT Dear CAT, You missed is used as a hide one's blemish by covering the face. Now can you please move the book sitting next to me? The Mouse


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