Saturday, July 19, 2003

The CAT as a friend Dear Mouse, Psychologists say that having a pet enhances our well being. Dogs adore their masters while cats adopt the humans who take them under their wings. What is wonderful with these two animals is that they love unconditionally. The humans' sins and shortcomings do not bother them at all. The dogs take the care of their masters with a loyalty that ends to their graves. It takes a while before a Cats' trust is gained. It is earned by stroking and making them feel the sincerity of the care. This CAT adopted an old friend long time ago. She has seen this friend metamorphosed from a silent suffering but strong woman during her husband's long illness; an independent jet-setting lady who usually spent her summer cruising to Carribean or visiting idyllic villages of India and Nepal; driving in rush hour traffic to buy her favorite chocolates and German cookies in one quaint store in busy downtown; and wrapping beautiful hand made crafts as gifts for her numerous friends during holidays and birthdays-to a plain tired woman who needed someone to take care of her. The nurses and caregivers that take care of her daily personal activities are round the clock. The children give the needed emotional support in order to make her adjustment in this mother takes care -of children-now children takes care of mother- role reversal life stages. The Cat has also reversed the role to a young friend-caring for the the-older friend from the previous old friend caring for the young. This week , the CAT excused from her work to see her. What was bugging her for the last few days were temporary forgotten the moment she saw the lady's attempt to get out of bed just to hug her. They never kiss or beso-beso; they just blow kisses and laughed. The whole hour that the CAT was there, the old lady's cheerfulness was so infectious that her roommate was also joining the laughter. She said that she was lucky to have the CAT as a friend. The CAT felt the same way. Having friends that betrayed her in the past for sheer jealousy, she will choose this woman who did not have any yarstick for choosing her friends anytime. Indeed, it is nice to have a CAT as a friend, a friend who will simply walk away in order to pave the way for a complete reconciliation of friends whose relationship suffered a crack, as to what caused it is entirely beyond the Cat's comprehension. The CAT


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