Monday, July 21, 2003

Time Warp Dear Mouse, My former roommate came with her two children, the boy from hell and and his little angel sister. She wanted to know, why I don’t pick up the phone. Yep. I missed the surprise birthday party for a friend. She brought me a left over ube cake. The boy behaved. My breakable stuffs on the coffee table were spared. A friend dropped by too. He said he has gotten already the coffee table and an étagère that our friends were giving away before they sell their parents’ house. The old couple returned to the Philippines for good. How could I missed the date when we are going to visit the first born baby of that friend of ours. He looked for my cell phone. It was still in my jacket’s pocket. Dead. He said he tried to reach me and left messages in my answering machine. Oh yeah, it is still blinking with 24 messages. I must have slept a century. Other friends, he said, came to get some loot such as the bed, the couch, a side table and a beautiful frame. Nothing interests me. They said , I am MIA. Missing in Action. They are planning to have a pot luck party for a friend whose birthday is July 28. It is my sister’s birthday too. I am in a time warp. My brother sent me cartoons. It is Garfield . It says, I better work, I am in a bad mood today. A cat on a toilet seat with eyes closed. I feel like going to the bathroom myself. And a little boy’s prayer. GOD pls take care of my daddy, my mommy, my sister, my brother, my DOGGY (what no cat?) and me And please take care of YOURSELF or else we will be in a big mess. A dog with glasses and pencil on its mouth. It says, sorry, I did the math, we cannot afford to have a CAT. I like them. Okay, I did not open the mails. I got the message. The CAT


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