Thursday, August 14, 2003


Dear Mouse, Gambala in English means disturb. Gambala is also the name of the Army Captain who was among the soldiers accused of plotting against the government. Use disturb in a sentence. Captain Gambala's responses to the queries by the Senator during the investigation of the coup disturbed me. Use Gambala in a sentence. Ang aking pag-iisip ay nagagambala sa mga sagot ni Gambala na nagpapakita ng kababawan sa mga sagutan sa mga katanungan. Parang hindi kapapanipaniwala at parang sagot ng bata. Question: Why did you check in at Oakwood in July 24 Answer: I was being hunted by "authorities". Question: Why chose Oakwood? Answer: Because it is a luxury apartment and the military intelligence does not have the money to book at the high end luxury high rise. Mousey, methinks the miliitary inteliigence would not scrimp in its budget if it is the security of the nation that is at stake. Question: and you have the money? Answer: I have a personal savings of 700,000. I was assigned in Mindanao for eight years and I did not spend my salaries. Mousey, can you believe that ? He did not spend a single cent from his salaries. Question: Why chose a five star hotel? Answer: I think that is the best for me. Mousey. For a soldier who was assigned in the mountains of Mindanao, he has expensive taste. Question: Why not Shangrila then ? Answer: I prefer Oakwood. Mousey, Eh gusto niya Oakwood eh. May reklamo ? The CAT Dear CAT, Color his hair blonde. The Mouse


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