Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Legally blonde CAT

Dear Mouse, I was watching or was I really watching a TV series where the case was about a rapist. The victims were not photographed nor were identified with their real names. I stole a glance at the TV while busy browsing in the internet when I saw a scene where the victims got to meet each other introduced themselves, I am ...Doe, as the oldest among the victims reached the hands of the other ladies.The second lady said, I am ...Doe and the next, I am ...Doe. Ow, I thought at first they were related. Goshhh, the whole Doe girls victimized but how come they need introduction to each other . Ploink ploink ploink..that is the sound of my head hitting the back of chair. The Cat did not realize that the Does are for aliases for people with unknown identities. Doe a deer a female...hhhhhhhmmm Do not push your luck, mouse, I saw the snickers. The CAT Dear CAT, It is not a snicker, I am just burping. Too much acid. BTW, who trim your bangs ? People I know observe their intelligence level drops when they cut their hair. Samson lost his strength, you know. The Mouse Dear Mouse, Do you remember the song where one line says, the farmer's wife cut off their tails with the carving knife. The CAT


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