Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Games they play 2

Conclusions 2. There are several forms of corruption being practiced. These are; lagay, negotiated canvass, rigged bidding, "ghost delivery", overpricing, tong, substitution and under delivery. 3. The main reason why corruption is being resorted to is to expedite the processing of documents. Also, the corruptive behavior is not initiated by the dealer nor the procurement official instead, the practice had become a routine that both parties readily and mutually agree on the terms. 4. All offices involved in the procurement system had corruption incidences. However, some offices were perceived to be more corrupt than the others. Ironically, the COA, which is supposed to be the watchdog of the government against corruption, got a 100% response in corruption perception. RECOMMENDATIONS There are only two practical recommendations that can be formulated as a result of this study. First, is for the PN to strictly adhere to the merit system of promotion and selection of officers to be designated as commanders of its different units. The primary criteria for qualification should be an officer who possesses moral integrity, technical competence and vision to effectively formulate reforms and, more importantly, he should also have the political will to implement these reforms. The other recommendation is to limit the boundary exchange processes to the front line levels only so as to totally insulate the other offices. Thus, these offices can perform their review and inspection functions with a more independent and dispassionate perspective. Dear Mouse, The Cat finds the recommendation wanting from real solution to the problem identified. The corruption was observed to be initiated not by the officers alone but also the dealers. It takes two tango and the ballroom is wide. However the recommendation for improvement of the merit system of promotion is making too much assumption that an officer who might have been morally upright before joining the unit would not succumb to the temptation and peer or superior's pressure. The Cat does not find recommendation directed to other two variables, the dealers and the system. It has been mentioned in the study, that corruption has become a standard operating procedure that whoever is placed in the position has to follow certain unwritten rules and procedures that have been going on even before the current administration. The CAT Dear Cat, Even without the study, it is already of public knowledge that there is corruption. The study merely put it in black and white. The Mouse Dear Mouse, You are beginning to become smart ? Do you drink Coke? The CAT Dear Cat, NO, I drink left over coffee from the coffee shop. Is this supposed to mean that there is no more hope, that these young officers resorted to coup d'etat ? The Mouse Dear Mouse, Now you are not smart. The corruption in the military is an internal problem. The people cannot identify with that. There are more high profile corruptions that need to be addressed to. This what makes their mutiny being suspected to be supported by people who will benefit from the putsch. There are a lot of them. They used these idealistic young officers as pawns to capture the queen. The government is playing chess by sacrificng the Rook. The Senate is playing a simple game puzzle while Oreta needs to play the scrabble to find the right word so she will not appear dumb. Could it be that the whistleblowers are playing the Price is right while Honasan is playing a Cat and Mouse or hide and seek ? anybody wants to play the Battle of the Brains? The CAT


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