Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Games they play

Dear Mouse, When we were young, chess was the favorite game in the house. The dishwasher-for-the-week was usually the loser in a series of three games that usually lasted for hours. The Games of General was played too. I did not understand what was the game about, how to play, win and score. However, I found the board useful when I play my jackstones.They provided smooth surface over the wooden floor slats. Scrabble was also a favorite especially during power-less typhoon days, when there was nothing to watch and soaking in the rain was no longer an attractive activity for the boys in the family who had grown ugly hairs in their legs. Trillanes papers dealt with the Games of the Generals. This time, I have an inkling of what was the game about. Here are his conclusions and recommendations. Sorry, Mousey, if I am going to dissect this part of the study. It brought me back memories when I was at the mercy of my professors who found uncanny enjoyment of shredding a thesis into a useless-recyclable unworthy piece of paper- to think that you had agonizingly prepared it in between your games with the corporate- execs- acting like- generals sans -the medal-decorated uniforms---- and the lose-lose games of the heart. Trillanes paper CONCLUSIONS Based on the data gathered, the following are the conclusions: 1. There is corruption in the Philippine Navy procurement system. However, the levels of corruption of the different units of the PN varied and are dependent on the corruptive or non-corruptive behavior of their respective Commanders. The study is about perceptions of corruptions. The respondents were the dealers. The study should have been delimited to Corruptions in the Philippine Navy Procurement as Perceived by the Dealers. According to the study, there were more than a thousand dealers. The sample size is only thirty. Purposive sampling solved the problem of the percentage of the respondents to the total population. The question is, is the sample size big enough to make the conclusions valid ? If my professor could read this now, he would be proud of me-But then he could tell me to have originality. His was already copyrighted. I suspect that if he has a book about grilling a thesis writer, this kind of questions will be categorized under FAQs. To be continued--


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