Sunday, August 10, 2003


Dear Mouse, 1. Somehow I suspect that there is something in the air that caused blogger's block. My favorite bloggers either said goodbye for now or have found new loves that they stopped chronicling their whines about the love of their life. Moi also failed to update this blog. Am busy...reading $%^&* news. 2. Something bothered me last Friday that I called it FREAKY FRIDAY; 1. the overhead light in my desk cannot decide whether it will join the busted bulbs in the special trash bins or it would keep its post. The maintenance department asked me if I am absorbing the energy from the bulb. They have already replaced the bulbs more than three times than those others' fluorescent bulbs. They checked the lighting system and there was nothing wrong with it. Weirdo. 2. I went to the vending machine and waited for two office associates to get their sodas. Each one inserted a dollar bill and promptly got their quarter change. I inserted a dollar bill, got my soda and missed the quarter. I pushed the return coins several times and still no quarter. Why me? Thief. 3. I got by the store to buy my favorite Magnolia ice cream. On my way to the big freezer, I tripped and brought two or three "sarsa ng lechon bottles" crashing down to the concrete floor. The cashier/owner ran to the scene of the "accident" to assess the damage. The bottles were not broken. He looked at me and asked, how did you do it. Hmmm why ask me ? freaky. 4. Checked the receipt issued to me, dated Friday, August 3. It was August 8. Was that 3 or 8. It seems three to me. Blind mouse. and now going back to the news mouse.... Shortage of monkey Associated Press: BOSTON -- A nationwide shortage of rhesus macaque monkeys is hampering efforts to create cures from new information such as the human genome sequence, organ transplant techniques, and the use of stem cells to replace diseased of damaged tissue, scientists say. I say, they can find some of them in the Philippine Senate. oopsie..mean, mean, mean me. 2. 130 candidates for governor SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Aug. 10) - California's gubernatorial recall election is set to become the year's ultimate political reality show. With Democratic Gov. Gray Davis fighting for his job, at least 150 potential replacement candidates will angle for attention as party leaders search for strategies in an election with no historical precedent. Voters have less than two months to decide if they should bounce the chief executive of the nation's most populous state and, if so, who should replace him. Among their choices: actor Arnold Schwarzenegger; Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt; political commentator Arianna Huffington; comedian Donald A. Novello, who created the chain-smoking Father Guido Sarducci character; and Angelyne, a buxom actress and model who has posted billboards with her likeness around Los Angeles for years. whoeversez dat it is onli in the pilipins where you will find array of personalities running for elective positions should have their lips injected with botox. The CAT


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