Thursday, July 31, 2003

A letter from the CAT and Mouse Dear Cat and Mouse, The increased militarization brought about by the Marcos Martial Law and the taste of military power in controlling the people and its capacity to influence the flow of government in guise of national security would be still the civilian government's concern to refocus the military's role in government. Coups only show military factions and power struggles depending on who is their political choice to be their Godfather. Somehow, I am most convinced that the Congress should focus on reforms within the military and install more efficient checks and balances otherwise, ours tantamounts to the equivalent of a "Military Junta." This is as far as I see it. W Dear W, The military is highly politicized. The men in uniform simply skip the check and balance using the conspiratorial style of management. It is easy, especially for those who graduated from the elite military school. Camaraderie and fraternal order that were shaped and formed in the school become unwritten recruitment, selection and promotion strategies in the military units where these leaders occupy the high echelons of the organization. They are found everywhere; in the legislative bodies, in the justice department and the executive department of the government. They can assume roles; one is the renegade, the other is a mediator and the other is the object of grievance. It is disgusting to hear Honasan picture these young officers to be the soldiers of the people. These young officers labeled to be the new heroes that will save the people from the abusive government failed to mention the sins of their "brothers". The priest who brought to the media's attention about the highly enterprising generals making a lucrative business of sharing with ransom money and devising a escape for the hunted rebels was not considered by people to be a hero. A priest who dared being harassed by the military, risked his life for accusing a general did not get the same adulation of the people. Instead, a bunch of young officers who did not risk anything since all were taken cared of by the hand of the power behind the failed coup got the admiration from some naive groups who think that recitation of the grafts and corruptions of the government is some kind of heroic act. If this is some kind of heroic act, then I am giving medals to my favorite political commentators who write every scams and corruptions that the government is accused of. People that can discern the what- should be- and what -really -happened feel insulted by the flimsy excuses and the mediocre strategizing of the supposed cream-of-the-crop graduates of the country's subsidized military school. I want my coffee with aspirin. Pinasasakit nila ang ulo ko. Sa inis. If producers will make movie out of the life of Trillanes, just shoot my mouse. oopsie. sorry mouse. but just think of it as a heroic act. The CAT Dear W, The CAT is in a bad mood these days. She finds the young officers are as pretty as the telenovela heroines. Yes, pretty as in pretty girls. The Mouse


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