Sunday, August 17, 2003

More Angel Stories?

Dear Mouse, The dream made me take a trip to the past. Regression uncovers memories that were "archived" in the innermost part of the brain. I may be 12 or older. My mom allowed me to go with my classmate who was also our neighbor to spend the Holy Week in their hometown in Arayat, Pampanga. We stayed in her cousin's house. I found her cousin a little flirtatious. She would tell her parents that she would bring us around when actually she would leave us in some places and hang out with some guys.One time she did not come at the time she promised she was going to pick us up. It was already dark and my classmate and I became afraid that she would not show up. We started walking home by trying a short cut. It was a narrow road that was surrounded by tall wild grass. We did not know where it would lead to but we kept on walking. At the end of the road was a big tree. Under the three was a papag where three or four half naked evil-looking men were drinking local wines. My classmate screamed and run back to where we came from. I froze and just stood there while one of the men approached me with an evil grin. As he was about to grab me, a lady appeared ( i do not know from where, I was just scared. )She asked them to let go of me. The man stopped and I run without looking back. We managed to go home thru the help of the cousin's neighbor.The scoldings of the parents' cousin did not abate the hatred I felt for her. I could not sleep. The images of the four men kept coming to my mind. I was wondering what happened to the lady. The next morning, I was waiting for a news about a lady being raped or killed when my classmate told me that we were cutting short our vacation. I never told the incident to my family but I never spoke to my classmate's cousin again even when I saw her in the neighborhood for a family visit. As to the lady, even if she were a mortal, she was still my angel at that time i needed somebody's help. The CAT


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