Saturday, August 16, 2003


Dear Mouse, This afternoon, I fell asleep in the couch while watching an old movie in the DVD. What was weird was my dream. I was seated in a car and a strange woman was driving. She missed a left turn and the car fell in a ravine. I was aware all the time when the car was up in the air until it finally landed at the bottom with the front hitting the surface first. I told the woman not to speak. I would like to know if I were alive or dead. The woman smiled. She asked me to look up at the roof of the car. The first thing I saw were two small feet, then a white dress, a pair of pale blue colored wings and a beautiful doll-like face. An angel. The woman told me that my angel saved me. Then the strange woman disappeared. Several years ago, the actual accident happened. I was on my way to school and I had to pick up my classmate who had the class reports. Fascinated by a structure on top of a hill near my friend's residence, I asked the family driver to allow me drive the car. At first, he hesitated then he obliged and switched seats with me as I anxiously stepped on the gas driving up the hill. Acting like a jerk backseat driver, he nervously asked me to make a left turn in a u-shaped corner since it was dead end ahead. I made a left turn and missed to make another left to negotiate the U-shaped corner... and I drove all the way down the ravine. The car stalled in the air momentarily, must be my sudden step on the brake....then it landed not at the bottom but at some branches of the tree. Our rescuer jestingly told me that he was naming the tree after me. To cut the story short, the car was dangling and the driver could not get out of the jammed door by his side. I was too afraid to move, lest the car would fall off the tree. The impact was too strong...was it ? that men came running to help us. The rescuers had to extricate us from the car and let the car fell in order to bring it down from the tree. Was the message of the dream to remind me that an angel saved me from the accident ? The rescuers told me that it was highly improbable that those small branches can hold a car with two passengers. I cannot exactly remember when this happened but I know it was somewhere in August. I do remember however, that the book, I brought to the bathroom to read this morning while leisurely taking a dip in the bath tub was about Angels. After reading one story, I dozed off with a question in my mind, are angels real? The CAT


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