Tuesday, August 19, 2003

You got mail

Dear Mouse, It is said that a man is known by the company he keeps but this "social scientist " judged a man by the e-mails he sends, how fast he replies to the e-mails and how he participates in a discussion forum. Using the pattern of acitivities without reading the messages, this said social scientist who is actually a techie trying to probe the human side of technology arrived at the following observations: 1. People who post multiple replies on every discussion thread tend to be the arguers, the nitpickers. If I may add, these are the people who believe that they can change a person's principle or belief by their kilometric replies or copied articles of "authorities" on a subject matter. Some of them have egos as big as the Titanic but with an intelligence quotient equivalent to a geriatric 's ebbing vital signs. 2. Those who post just one reply -- especially if that reply ends the thread -- tend to be the expert problem solvers. 3. Someone who wants to know how to configure a printer would probably choose a group with a track record of quick answers 4. Someone looking for entertainment might choose a group whose history is riddled with flame wars, or online arguments. 5. Someone who does not reply e-mails quickly may claim he is busy The study on the rhythmn of responding to e-mails was conducted in a workplace environment specifically interoffice mail when one communicates with the man in the next cubicle without having to open his mouth or dial a number. Therefore the finding is limited. He could postulate that a man who does not reply quickly may not have a ready answer to address the issues sent to him for resolution. Either he does not know the meaning of the flag indicating HIGH IMPORTANCE or he simply misses the point of acknowledging the mail with a short reply of of i will look into it or a simple, don't know. I am criticized in the office why I am fond of sending e-mail insted of calling the person for quick response. Having been trained in a profession where documentation is always important, I like my instruction or my inquiry in black and white.The call comes next with the sound of aol icon, You got mail. There are jerks who simply become amnesiac when responsibility and accountability are the words of the day. The CAT Dear CAT, How come you do not reply to your e-mails? The Mouse Dear Mouse, Some of my e-mails are just for read-only-types and the senders are appreciated. The spam mails are reported and deleted. There are mails that need postage stamps. Mental note, I need stamps. hehehe The CAT


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