Friday, October 31, 2003

Death Anniversary

Dear Mouse, It is the death anniversary of my mother. I thought it was Oct. 30 so Thursday night I lighted a candle and made the food offering before I logged in to the internet. A paper in a protective sheet kept on falling from the top of the scanner. I merely put it back without bothering to read what it is. Must be a stray personal file? While typing, I noticed that the time in the monitor and the time in my alarm clock was not the same. TIme to consult my wrist watch..but it was gone from my is supposed to be in wrist since I have not gone to the bathroom for my personal ritual yet. Panic, panic, panic...Where must have I put it. Did I chance to leave it in my office desk? I have the habit of removing the GUESS ) watch because it is so big and dangling that it frequently knocked down my paper cup. But I was not wearing that watch today. I was wearing my favorite, a lightweight charmer with a gold/black/flat bracelet. Did I absentmindedly take it off and put it somewhere? So, I retraced my whatabouts from the moment, I got in to the time I sat in my desk. Not in the jewelry box( I mean jewelry bin) the catchall for whatever I wore during the weekdays before I put them away in their respective boxes. I said good night to my mom with a prayer that I hope she sent me a sign that she visited me on her anniversary. You know, the scent of perfume, the falling of a thing without a reason or even a flickering if a light. It may sound surreal but yes she did it all the time. Was thinking, did she get my watch? Naaah. So off I slept and woke up this morning with the thought that she may have crossed over so she can no longer manifest her presence. As a habit, I sat in my desk to log in and check my mails. Then the paper fell again. I took a look at the paper. That was a copy of the obituary of my mom. Then I saw the date...OCTOBER 31 NOT OCTOBER 30. I got the feeling of knocking my head to the wall. Why did I forget... So I " talked to her", better early than late". Come to think of it, that must be the reason why there was no "apparition". She did not have a pass yet to visit us...I just thought that she must have lingered longer in my siblings' place where there are grandkids to behold. Oh those thoughts. I was about to leave when I chanced to notice a brochure protruding from among my old mails. It was the program for my mom's memorial. Arggggh, she was haunting me... I promised when I get home, I will correct the I gathered my stuff, my jacket and my bag. Ow, I noticed the wooden jewelry box on top of the entertainment center where I put my bric-a brac, coins, pins etc. was ajar. Look what I found, my watch. hehehe Either I am suffering from short mental lapses or my mom was trying to play tricks on me. I have not gone close to that area the night of Oct. 30. Believe it or nut. If you read this blog on later date, it was not because of blogger.


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