Friday, October 10, 2003

Would you believe 1

Dear Mouse,

While my favorite sassy lawyer gave up lawyering in order to become a good mother after her househelp eloped and married without her consent... this lawyer is giving up his job to clown around.

The sassy lawyer shoots down clowning politicians of the Island with her mighty pen errm html.

Lawyer gives up job to clown around South America

A Spanish lawyer has given up his job and sold his car to cycle around South America while dressed as a clown.

Alvaro Neil, 36, from Asturias, has cycled through 10 countries and cycled 31,000 kilometres over the last 19 months.

And he has performed his comedy show for free throughout his South American tour, reports Terra Noticias Populares.

Mr Neil, also known as Biciclown, has travelled through Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Paraguay and Uruguay.

He said: "People don't understand how I could sell my car to finance this trip, but when they see the pictures they will understand the importance of laughter, that life is a gift and that excessive consumerism is burying many illusions."

Mr Neil, who is being supported by the Clowns Without Frontiers organisation, says he has witnessed many exciting events on his travels.

They include the swearing in of Brazil's new president, the economic crisis in Argentina and the strikes against Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.

I wonder why he did not include my small island in his itinerary ?