Saturday, October 11, 2003

Would you believe 2

Dear Mouse, This German politician is no different from our solons whose contributions to the lawmaking history and future-shaping legislations have something to do with roads and streets. While our own legislators make their mark in the august halls of Congress and Senate by changing street names or widening and defining the boundaries of roads, their counterpart would like to make a history of being able to change the sound of the street lights. Call for traffic lights to sing like birds A German politician is campaigning for traffic lights to make bird sounds. Mathias Uhlig from Dusseldorf says the ticking noise traffic lights make for blind people drives him mad. Uhlig, who is a member of the conservative CDU, suggests the lights ought to make bird sounds instead. He thinks the bird sounds would be "idyllic" compared to "that nerve-racking tack, tack, tack". But fellow politicians think it would be too expensive to change the signal - and potentially dangerous. "If a real bird sings nearby, a blind person risks walking straight into a car," Liberal politician Manfred Neuenhaus told the Express newspaper. And fellow Liberal Alexander Zeitz says high-pitched sounds are hard to pick up for those blind people who are older. "We'd be better off using the deep sound of a roaring stag," he suggested. The CAT


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