Tuesday, November 04, 2003


Dear Mouse, My "tourist" celebrated her birthday today, Nov. 4. She exclaimed with glee that she can go to Reno now. That was a hint. His brother offered her a trip to Reno, so was her godfather who she met for the first time when we were dining in a restaurant. He was in the media back there in the Philippines and is a columnist of a Philippine newspaper here in the States. A friend advised us not to take the invitation. He did not elaborate. Her brother on the other hand never showed up . He also reneged the promise that he would take her in his place. In the meantime, she started her first day in class. She is no longer a tourist, she is already a student. I will not b alone again. The guy-tenant of mine moved out last Oct. 31. His mother who visited him during weekends was a pain in the neck. She was so possessive of her son that she thinks every single woman on this earth is out to grab him. She cooks for him and serves him like he was more of a husband than a son. (kadiri ).Mean me. She practically takes over my kitchen during weekends cooking the whole day (because she said I seldom use my kitchen). She never care to light votive candle and or switch the exhaust on. Her Matutina-like voice wakes me up when I am in my couch, catnapping. The malevolent single-lady-neighbor-who-has-never-had-a boyfriend (read: matandang dalaga. 40 noh na) who has a crush on her son aggravated the problem. She has a crush on the mama's boy and worked her way to be close to him through his mother at my expense. Her strategy backfired. Instead of the guy moving in to her place, he decided to get a place of his own with his mother. Why am I writing this? Did I not tell you that the guy is gay. I do not want to break his mother's heart. The CAT


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