Saturday, November 08, 2003

BRRR-Grrr Aray

Dear Mouse, You know it’s been awhile since i’ve blogged. I am sitting here in my desk near a window that is bursting with colors from the morning sun. It is cold yeaa but I rather bundle myself wih the thick blankets than turn the heater on. My body is sore. Even my breathing hurts. For the last few days before and after the end of the month, I was wearing two hats. How I wish, I was just a CAT in the HAT. Our manager took a holiday in Hawaii and I have to organize the reports that should be out a day or two after the month closes. We need the feedback, comments, corrections within a week in order to come up with a package for the board meeting after the Veterans Day. I did the preparation and double checked my work at the same time. Oh and I am even hard to myself when it comes to errors. You would not like to hear me s.... when I find one. The hot shower in the evenings did not ease up the sore muscles. On top of it, I was randomly weepy for the lone responsibility lodged on me to make someone attain her dream. This is a deja vu. I did this not too long ago. It is not supposed to be my responsibility alone. I am wondering if I need to come to terms with me as somebody who needed the help to start anew in the foreign land, will I get the same support? The answer in the afterthought is me becoming selfish or time is catching up with me. Shame on me. And I haven't finished my travel log yet. sigh The CAT


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