Saturday, November 22, 2003

Pasko na Sinta ko

Dear Mouse, It is a month and three days before Christmas. I wonder how it is in the malls in Metro manila. I can imagine the display of lights and decors. Every mall tries to outdo one another every year. In my journey log, I mentioned about Manila COD's Christmas display that had been a part of the tradition of celebrating Christmas for more than forty years. Now that the department store is closed, would there still be a display? COD Christmas legacy to continue in Greenhills Cecille S. Visto BusinessWorld 11/19/2003 COD Department Store may have closed shop but its colorful Christmas displays will continue to delight holiday shoppers. But unlike in the last 45 years, the yuletide extravaganza will not be staged on the ledge of the COD’s Cubao store. Instead, the exhibition will be seen from the rooftop of Greenhills Shopping Center’s entryway, its new home beginning this year. Ortigas & Co. chief operations officer Rex Drilon III said the COD Christmas display, a well-loved Filipino tradition, will be shown in Greenhills not only this year but every Christmas season thereafter. "Greenhills is its new home. The Rosario family, who owns the concept, partnered with us. They want to continue with the tradition even as they retire from the department store business. Many Filipinos look forward to the COD Christmas displays all these years," said Mr. Drilon. The display was unveiled last night, with a group of street children as special guests. The 15-minute show carried "The Christmas Story" theme with the Holy Family taking center stage. The mechanical Three Kings, angels and shepherds also livened the show. The program was presented in a 50-meter wide and 10-meter deep tableau. Ortigas & Co. spent some PhP6 million putting up the display, which took some five months to conceptualize and set up. Mr. Drilon said the Rosarios initially hesitated to allow Greenhills to replicate the COD show. It normally took the Rosarios six months to plan for the Christmas display. "But when we saw the onlookers were in awe, we knew that our efforts were well worth it We knew that we were correct in our decision not to let a very nice tradition die. We have to remind people the true meaning of Christmas," he said. The show will run hourly from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. daily until early January. Aside from the traditional Christmas stories, the show carry various themes over the years. Among the most memorable are the fiesta/palo sebo extravaganza and Santa Claus, his reindeer and elves. link via unlawyer.


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