Saturday, November 22, 2003

Room for rent part 2

Dear Mouse, When the fiancee arrived from the Philippines, they decided to move to her sister's apartment after the wedding. Just a simple wedding that I arranged in the city hall with her mother and a friend as a witness and the two month-old baby as the guest. Ginawa pa akong ninang not because she wanted to but due to exigency. The apartment was a one bedroom unit. The sister was moving in to her boyfriend's digs while her roommate had nowhere to go. The roommate took the room in my house. She was an old lady in her middle 50's but was young at heart. She was a widow who was constantly in love. Sometimes she would not come home. She would regale me with her bleep bleep bleep adventure. I felt so old and old fashioned compared to her. One night, I woke up thisty. I groped in the darkness before I can get to the switch. Where was the nightlite ? Eeeekkkkk, a mouse, I mean a guy, I mean an Indian guy in the receiving room. At first, I thought he was an oversized genie or an Eastern version of Santa Claus. He was the taxi driver that always brought her home from her nocturnal escapades. My reminder to her fell on deaf ears. She can not just let everybody in especially if he is a stranger --to me....I felt, I was raising a rebellious daughter. Mahirap pala pag matanda ang gumagarutay. So much for the stress. She had to go. I can be alone. Who's afraid to be alone? Not I said the CAT. Her parting words before she left, Go get yourself a boyfriend, girl. Thanks, but I am looking for a soul mate. The CAT


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