Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Cost cutting

To the women's lingo, it is a nip and tuck to trim the fats. For finance wiz, this is going over the many expense accounts that are depicted in the graph as two towers; one being taller than the two other. If the what was is taller than the what should have been, then the difference in the height should  be axed, decapitated or cut (pag nabuhay pa naman yan) in order to come up with a shorter one to be labelled as so what is going to be. If you think, I am talking French, no babes, it is my way of explaining to some people who are shocked by drawings that looked like the shadows of tall and short buildings but are far  more effective in describing what happened ? show me the money...show me the bottomline. not in read...please...uh uh uh. Corporate giants, as of late came up with more permanent solutions, outsourcing--sending  jobs to China, India and Philippines where they will pay less wages, no work compensation coverage, no insurance and other benefits that add up to overhead. These people see only one goal and that is profit --the one that can quench the thirst of the investors, the ROI satisfaction. This cost reduction eliminates the pesky labor cost and other related overhead. It leads however to job attrition and unemployment. Unemployment gives lower disposable income for the people. Lower disposable income leads to less consumer spending. Less consumer spending woud mean less revenues from sales. Less revenues mean less profits and the circle repeats. Along the circle however, there is a tiny loop.This is the only economic recovery that does not bring job creation and does not lead to full employment. Ah, mousey an opportunity of one is a misfortune for another. Sino man ang nagsabing walang opportunity ang Pinas, he does not crunch numbers. Mahirap mag-isip. Inuubo, ako lalo. For my ubo, I am wont to heed the advice of a friend. The CA t Dear CAt, Well, I have to play herb Olaryo if you want to get rid of it minus the drugs. The leaves that go with "nganga?" not the tobacco chew but the green leaves and green onion leaves. You steam them and extract the juice. It is a must to be in front of the mirror to drink at least two teaspoonful. If you catch yourself with undescribable look you'll never forget while drinking the extract, you will effectively get rid of that nuisance of a cough. I did it the last time and it worked. Now, when I have researched apt words to describe my face, I will tell you. LOL! W Dear W, Are you serious ? Do we have it here? You're kidding. The Ca t


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