Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Compassion or insanity

Dear Mouse, In a family of nurses, two sisters, and two "scholars" I find this news disturbing. Nurse Who Claims Killing Dozens Charged With Murder By TOM BELL, AP SOMERVILLE, N.J. (Dec. 16) - Investigators are poring over reopened patient records in two states following the arrest of a nurse with a checkered career who told police he fatally drugged up to 40 terminally ill people under his care. Charles Cullen, 43, told authorities he administered drug overdoses to put ''very sick'' patients out of their misery over the last 16 years in nine hospitals and a nursing home in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.''The evidence that we have indicates that may very well be the case,'' prosecutor Wayne Forrest said. Cullen was charged with one count each of murder and attempted murder, but more charges could follow.Investigators are examining records at facilities where Cullen worked as they try to document his claims about the other killings. If Cullen's contentions prove true, it would be one of the biggest hospital murder cases in U.S. history.During a court appearance Monday, Cullen stood and told the judge, ''I am going to plead guilty. I remember one nurse in the family mentioned about his anquish over the child that he attended in the emergency. He was bluish in color and was dying. He cannot hate the family for not bringing the baby in the hospital earlier. They are an undocumented Hispanic couple. Surrounded by pain, death, sorrow, a nurse of mental instability can succumb to resorting to mercy killing due to compassion. I remember a movie of Kathy Bates. It was about a nurse who held an author as hostage in his own home. She too had killed several children out of compassion ? or insanity. That was just a movie, a fiction but trite may it be, but isn't truth stranger than fiction? The CA t


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