Monday, December 15, 2003


Dear Mouse, Remember this, mousey? Here is a news item that is related to the job outsourcing practices of US companies that make unemployment problem in the US worse than before. IBM Offshoring Nearly 5,000 Software Jobs By Jay Lyman TechNewsWorld December 15, 2003 "We will be seeing [outsourcing] spread across all IT services segments," IDC program manager Ned May told TechNewsWorld, adding that offshoring is likely to spread beyond current limited areas that include call-center help and custom application development. In a move that falls in line with analyst predictions about offshore outsourcing , IBM (NYSE: IBM) plans to move nearly 5,000 software programming jobs to India and other foreign nations beginning next year. What does this mean mousey? Not so long ago, IT people are very in demand in the US that the Silicon IT conglomerates lobbied in order to facilitate the hiring of programmers from other foreign countries such as China, India and Pakistan. Aside from nursing and physical therapists, the programmers were included among those job titles that are waived to secure labor accreditation. The protectionists raised a howl. These Indian, Filipino and Chinese techies are competing with the locals in IT job market. So a law was passed requiring the corporations that hire foreigners to pay a corresponding sum of money that will be used for job training of a local to acquire the same skills. In the meantime, a univesity in China was graduating IT for export while the "patriotic, whining Filipino critics " were mumbling about OFWs being exported like commodities. Even after the Silicon bubble burst, programmers are still needed by legitimate technology developers. This time, they thought of a way to enjoy both worlds, that is to hire highly trained tech people at a much cheaper cost. Job outsourcing. The loss of the US is the gain of the third developing countries. China welcomes this opportunity while Philippines may lose to China because of too much destabilization attempts from disgruntled politicians.Left leaning groups would condemn this to be an imperialist agenda of abusing poorer nations. haaaay, kakapagod umisip. The CA t


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