Monday, December 15, 2003

Bush, running for RP President?

Dear mouse, Now, I am one of them, a sensationalist to attract readership. Great...and I am not even tracking who they are. My blog is not as interesting as other prolific bloggers. This is just a blog to speak my mind. But what distinguishes marketing people from power makers ? Nothing but capitalization on the personalities' popularity. What distinguishes marketing people from power makers and newspapermen (erm I mean journalist) ? Nothing. They all use "recall" in order to realize their goal of reaching out more people. If the name Bush did not come up with the list of those people who filed candidacy for the presidential election next year, I would not bother to look at the news. What distinguishes Poe from this people? Nothing but the glaring fact that they are inadequate and unqualified to run for a position that does not require good intention only to assume the helm of " a sinking ship" full of rotten politicians. (Wow, and I bowed never to talk about politics again because it gives me heartburn). The list of the presidential aspirants includes one Salve Ruiz-Bush who claimed that she is "engaged" to U.S. President George W. Bush. When questioned about this claim, she said that they have some mutual understanding. I do not mean to ridicule the former HK OFW. Many educated and brainy ladies think the same way about their love interests. Para ba yong, boy friend na niya pero hindi alam ng lalaki.(sandali, bakit ba akong naging Dave Barry). Another aspirant is named Bellarosa who said she is a devotee of the "White Santo NiƱo of Navotas" and believes that she will win through prayer and miracles. Was she the same woman who run in 1998 because GOD assured her that she is going to win. STOP it mousey, I can also hear alarm clock. It is late, I have to run. The CA t


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