Thursday, December 11, 2003


Dear Mouse, My friend, the mother of the boy from hell called. She was ranting. Her request to allow her husband to see the kids fell on deaf ears, so she said. She told the sw that her husband missed the children so much that her other half would like to come to the house. The sw explained to my friend the procedure for a supervised visit. It is not the father coming back to the house for a brief visit but for them coming to the sw's office and meet. The wife made the alibi for the husband too...that he cannot make it because he got a job. Sheesh, if he wants to see the children, he will find time. He found time to bring his friend to the airport. He told his wife that he really did not want to stay in US. He agreed to be petitioned as a fiancee because he thought all along that she got a lot of money. (what the !@#$%^). Didn't somebody tell him that having a car in the States is not a big deal. It can be leased for a number of years and purchased after the lease expires. After a few weeks of working in the housekeeping of a convalescent hospital, he planned to leave my friend for a nurse. The latter is willing to reimburse my friend's expenses in getting him here in the States. Ano yan binibili ? argh, gulp, eeek. My friend must have loved him so much that she fought for him..ngipin sa ngipin, mata sa mata, paa sa paa ? Kung ako yon sasabihin ko, o kunin mo na bibigyan pa kita ng Krispy Kreme. Case closed. Natanggal ang nurse sa ospital. Lumayo raw.( Pakitingnan nga sa sulok sulok). Nagsama ulit ang mag-asawa but the guy cannot look straight to my eyes. Tinataasan ko siya ng kilay na may kasamang subtle na tse. My "student" who is getting tsismosa rin asked me why is that? What is why is that? My friend's blind love? Naku, kailangan ko bang eexplain sa kaniya na dito sa mundo, dalawa lang tao. Isang niloloko at isang nanloloko. Marami ang naloloko sa pag-ibig. (halatang may galit sa pag-ibig. oops). Late na siya sabi ko...alis na. (halata bang umiwas?) The CA t


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