Tuesday, January 20, 2004


Dear Mouse, I like Kevin Spacey. He is a good actor. He is so good that I won't mind sitting down for straight two hours without doing another chore to multi-task just to watch his movie in a DVD. After watching his MIDNIGHT BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL AND L.A. CONFIDENTIAL, I found his acting in movie ( a title I cannot recall) effortless but very effective. This was about an unemployed guy who wanted to be a reporter in that lone newspaper publishing company in a small town. He did not even have a desk and a computer to write his report. The first news report that he handed to the grumpy owner/editor was headlined "TWO DIED IN A SEA MISHAP". The editor chided him, "You call this a headline?" while crossing out the headline with a marker and wrote "A BOY SURVIVED IN A SEA MISHAP, LOST BOTH PARENTS. This was not actually the headline that he wrote. My intention in presenting this scene was to bring out the practise of some editors/writers to sensationalize the news in order to make them eye-catching. This brings me back to the memory lane where our Philippine History Class teacher required us to report current events/news before we start the lessons for the day. Oftentimes, she would make us feel like we left our brains at home to thaw when she would make the remark with her Nancy Fine-like smirk, "Do you call that news?" Dog bites man was not a news. That early, one could already foresee that if ever that class would produce a journalist, he sure would make a good newswriter. Take for example, this DAILY TRIBUNE, front page with this screaming headline?Sotto names GMA man culprit in FPJ 'alien' status. the photo of Senator Sotto with an outstretched hand and accusing finger complimented the message. very effective layouting. The headline gives a different angle of the issue (but of course, the editor of the Daily Tribune is known to be an Erap loyalist) Philippines Star gave a more impartial headline.. Headline News Documents versus FPJ authentic http://www.philstar.com/philstar/index.htm These headline and news presentations bring out another issue, i.e. Enrile?s remark about the likeness of Poe to Marcos. Some solons regarded the statement of Enrile that is putting Poe in the same stature as F. Marcos as a sick joke. Most of the reactions came from the victims of the Marcos dictatorship. They feel insulted when irresponsible statement coming from an equally brilliant political icon who missed the presidency by the nose due to miscalculated moves insinuated that all the while they have fought a man that was no bettter than a high school drop-out movie actor. My personal thought about this matter is, Enrile feels that he has nothing to lose. He already lost the credibility when he adopted ?balimbing? as his favorite fruit. Who was it who said publicity, good or bad is still publicity. Let me present selected statements from the news. Solons say Poe-Marcos comparison a 'sick joke' Posted: 0:56 AM (Manila Time) | Jan. 20, 2004 By Cynthia D. Balana Inquirer News Service 'Shallow, pathetic, ridiculous' FORMER senator Juan Ponce Enrile drew flak Monday from various quarters for comparing movie star and opposition presidential candidate Fernando Poe Jr. with Ferdinand Marcos when the late dictator was still a "good leader" in 1965. "It's very shallow, pathetic and even ridiculous," Representative Loretta Ann Rosales, one of the tens of thousands of people who were arrested during Marcos' martial law regime, told the Inquirer. House Deputy Speaker Raul Gonzalez said Enrile's statement was not only a "sick joke" but was also too presumptuous and might be a slur on the capabilities and talents of Marcos. On Sunday, the Inquirer quoted Enrile, who is seeking another Senate term on Poe's ticket, as saying during a forum in Baguio City that Poe might just be the next Marcos. In 1965, Enrile said, Marcos ran against President Diosdado Macapagal, and in the coming May elections Poe is challenging Macapagal's daughter, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Rosales said she found Enrile's message being conveyed to the newspaper readers "very pathetic." For one, she said, she did not expect that a person of Enrile's stature would venture into such "nonsense." The CA t


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