Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Guest or Guess (worker's visa)

Dear Mouse, Election time. Whether it is in the Future Kingdom of the DA KING or the most powerful nation in the planet, US of A, election time is the only period every four years when the power of the poor, the marginalized and the invisible citizenry to make or unmake a leader is recognized. Wooing them comes in assortment of tactical resources to gain their ends. In the Philippines, land titles that turned out to be bogus (?) were distributed by the deposed President during the last election. Shows that feature personal appearances of movie stars who can be seen only in the movies and the TV become the main attraction in political campaign meetings where platforms are supposed to be presented to the electorate. In the US of A on the other hand where the homeless and the poor are provided for by the welfare system, the marginalized sector is the illegal immigrants. Lest you raise your brow (do mice have eyebrows, Minnie Mouse has thick eyelashes you know),let me explain before this server that sucks kicks me out again. The Bush Administration is proposing for the overhaul (read: a horse with a new cart, a lady with a new doo or a baby with a new bib)of the immigration laws that will legalize the working status of illegal immigrants. Excerpt from the news follow: WASHINGTON, Jan. 6 — President Bush will propose a sweeping overhaul of the nation's immigration laws on Wednesday that could give legal status to millions of undocumented workers in the United States, senior administration officials said Tuesday night.Under Mr. Bush's proposal, which effectively amounts to an amnesty program for illegal immigrants with jobs in the United States, an undocumented worker could apply for temporary worker status here for an unspecified number of years, with all the employee benefits, like minimum wage and due process, accorded to those legally employed. Malabo ba, mousey ? Naturalized citizens can vote, the illegal made legal cannot. So why propose for the legalization of the workers as an election strategy? Because, mousey for every one illegal alien, there is one naturalized family that can wield its voting power. Why is my title guest or guess? The guest stands for the guest worker visa that is being proposed to give the illegal workers the legal status. Guess why critics say it is merely an amnesty program with a different title. The CA t


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