Tuesday, January 13, 2004

My brain is frozen

Dear Mouse, Time does not heal wound. Love does. (where did I read this?)'Tis true, mousey. Without love as an element of healing process, the pain comes back that no amount of pain killer give one a relief of comfort. The brain merely pushes the painful experiences to the subconscious and retrieves them when the cause of the emotional distress remerges. Masakit ang nigpin ko mousey. I cannot think. So for today, I will merely reproduce the e-mail of a friend. I do not know its origin but it sure soothes my troubled mind. Did you know that some English song titles can sound so funny and outrageous when translated in Tagalog? Here are some of them: > Imagine -- Mantakin Mo > Bluer Than Blue -- Malapit Na Sa Hukay > Too Young -- Nakana Mo Batang-bata > Tonight's The Night -- Patay Kang Bata Ka > Hey Jude -- Hoy Hudas! > Power Of Love -- Buntis > Three Times A Lady -- Super Bakla > More Than A Woman -- Tomboy > > Can't Be With You Tonight -- Meron Ako Ngayon Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know ! -- Huwag Mo Kong Gawing Tanga(wife version to husband) > You Should Know By Now -- Alam Mo Na Dapat Ngayon Yan, Tanga!(mistress version to lover's wife) > Sometimes When We Touch -- Minsan Kapag Tayo'y Naghihipuan > Touch Me In The Morning -- Hipuan Mo Ko Sa Umaga > Total Eclipse Of The Heart -- Maitim Ang Puso I deleted some translations. They are too green for me. I love pastel colors. The CA t


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