Friday, January 23, 2004

Legitimate and legitimated

Dear Mouse, The post of sassy regarding Poe’s citizenship reminds me of one of my law professors in College who pointed to us the difference between legitimate and legitimated children. It was a business law subject but the issue was raised by one of our classmates who at that time was being pressured by his live-in girl friend to marry her so that their boy will not remain illegitimate. If my brain archive was not messed up by some forgers, I remembered that the lawyer said that my classmate’s love child was not illegitimate since he and his common-law wife have no impediment to get married. According to the the professor, the boy is considered natural child---not natural born. If and should they decide to tie the knot, then the boy is said to be legitimated. I agree with the sassy lawyer. The citizenship issue isn’t over yet. Despite the forgery accusation that seems to be an OVERKILL on the part of the the scheming group that will be benefit from the disqualification of Poe, the natural- born issue is not resolved yet. According to Dean Jorge Bocobo, The real big question, as big as FPJ's status, is: who's behind Manapat and the Fornier brothres? Whoever they are, are not the types that easily get disheartened by a setback. They are moving on to their what if-fall back positions. In the game of chess, the horses are out to gallop and the bishops are ready to protect the King. One such fallback is the case brought by a non-governmental organization against Poe. Complainants to bring case against Poe to high court By Carlito Pablo and Tarra Quismundo Inquirer News Service Another citizenship-related case against Poe, filed on Jan. 15 by the nongovernmental organization Akbay Maralita Sa Lungsod Silangan Townsite Reservation (Amalustre) and lawyers Albert Villaseca and Melanio Balayan, moved on to the next stage, after Assistant Prosecutor Elseray Faith Noro summoned Poe to appear before him on either Feb. 10 or 17 at the Manila City Hall. The joint complaint had alleged that Poe's birth certificate at the Manila Civil Registry was a fake. They said the pen used by the attending physician, and the kind of typewriter used for the document, could not have existed at the time Poe was born. As Manuel Quezon the TERD wrote in his blog… The clot thickens There's an old Charlie Chan joke that goes, the detective was looking at the body of a stab victim and observed, "ah, so, the clot thickens.", the cat finds the disqualification issue more interesting than the LAW and ORDER TV series. check...your move... The CA t


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