Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Bullies Bully

Dear Mouse,

It is great to have brothers. They shoo away school bullies. The downside is they drive admirers too. You know the puppy love thing. blush.

But even with four brothers, I was not spared from the scums of the schoolyard.The BULLIES.

They tease, ridicule, shove, threaten and worst, they beat up kids, girls and boys alike, just like what happened to Sassy's little girl.

During my time,(feeling old olredi)boys had more manners even if they belonged to this group of browbeating rascals. Their excuse not to hurt girls was: "Kung hindi ka lang babae" tapos aamba ng suntok. I used to react naman…eh ano kung babae, ito gusto mo, sabay pakita ang aking kamao? (I have to confess, I did that only when I was sure a brother was just around the corner).

When I was in the elementary, I was taunted by those pesky little brats because of my mom. Not really because of her but of what she did. She always put a big ribbon on my hair. The wimps loved pulling the poor big ribbon while they made whirring noises like what flying helicopter sounds.

I did not tell my mom and my brothers who were enrolled in another school. They also teased me about the ribbons. .BOYS. One time, the trio los bobos(they belonged to the fourth row) managed to get hold of my ribbon and pulled it from my hair. I saw blood. I kicked a shin, two balls and scratched one arm. The three did not know what hit them. I did not have the time to warn them. Being with male siblings, I witnessed how they prepared for what they believed as a rite that would pass. BULLYING. They enrolled in self defense classes during summer. My mom sewed their kimono-like uniforms. I wore them too as oversized bath robe ... Haaa.Putol ang sabon, dumulas pala ooops.

According to a study conducted, girls seek more vengeance than boys. "In contrast, young boys may react more 'in the moment,"' noted Dr.Cynthia J. Mollen of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

I disagree your Honor.One thing that I learned was that getting back at them did not stop them from bullying. Habang nasusugatan, lalong tumatapang. Hindi patatalo sa babae.

I developed a buddy system. Never was I alone negotiating the long road from school to our place. I was afraid all the time. Although our house was a walking distance from school, a lot of things can happen between point A and point B. I could not tell my mom. If I have another sibling who knew what I was going thorugh, he could have gained an extra TV hour viewing during weekdays by making "sumbong". That is why I did not tell a single soul residing in my house.Not even to a mouse. That was a mistake. .Experts recommend that children should be able to tell an adult or a member of a family in order to stop the anguish that they may be undergoing.

They could not get me. One afternoon while we were preparing to have a recitation, our teacher excused herself and went out.The nasty boys sat two desks away from me.I looked to their direction, curious of what they were doing.They got a small bottle, stuffed dry ice cubes and put back the lid. kablaaaaaaammmmm.

One classmate of mine got hit on the cheek by the small fragments of the bottle. He got a lot of blood on his face. It was just a small bottle and the impact covered only a small space. About 3 or 4 who were seated near the bottle. I was the target though. The teacher came back and summoned for help. The wounded were brought to the hospital. After the ambulance sped away, a classmate pointed to my shoulder and left arm. I was also bleeding.

When I came back to school, we got a new teacher. I did not understand the word "terminated" then. The bullies were expelled.

I believed wherever they went, they remained bullies as long as people would dismiss bullying as a part of growing up. School fights,yes.

They may be symptoms of abuse at home, retardation just like the boy-in-hell,undue influence and wrong crowd.

What? waiting for the punchline?

Oke.Kung FU fighting..yaaah

The CA t


At 8:23 AM, Blogger Sassy Lawyer said...

Yang mga ganyan talaga, dapat ipa-psychiatrist na habang maaga. Kasi, they get worse as they grow older.

At 9:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hay...ako man ay sangkaterba ang naging experiences sa mga bwiset na bullies noon. May dakilang souvenir pa nga ako eh, peklat sa kaliwang tuhod.

~~~Stina Somali

At 10:47 AM, Blogger Dr. Emer said...

Nung araw na hindi pa uso ang word na "nerd," nerd na ako. Only child. Hatid-sundo. Loner. Bahay-school lang ang routine ko. I was also a victim of bullies. Sa isang araw, ang dami kong "appointments" and "invitations" to get into a fistfight with these bullies. I will say yes and then won't show up. Ano, hilo? I stood them up! Duwag daw ako. Ok lang, buhay naman. Besides, I never really cared what they thought about me. Yung mga persistent, pag PE class nambabatok at nanununtok. More than 2 times yata akong umuwi na me blackeye. Di ako umiiyak. Pero galit ako. Nahihirapan kasi ako magbasa ng mga libro ko pag namamaga ang mata ko. Mga 2 weeks bago gumaling ang isang blackeye. So, 2 weeks akong hirap magbasa. Sa mga ganitong pagkakataon, my Mama goes with me the following day, kinakausap ang principal at perpetrators. It will rest for sometime, then babalik na naman pagka-bully magnet ko. Next day, andyan na naman ang Mama ko. That was elementary. High school, my dad enroled me in taekwondo and karate. Lahat ngayon ng "bully inviations," sinisipot ko. I have come to understand that bullies understand only violence. They will respect you if beat them to a pulp...which I did. =) Tapos noon, I began to get some respect. As for me, I think solving interpersonal problems using my fists is very immature, but opinion ko lang ito. Sometimes, you really have to give those bullies what they want. Fast forward to the present date, I do not know what happened to them. I lost touch with people I never learned to miss.

At 1:20 PM, Blogger Matapoor said...

I was never bullied as a kid because my older, cool brother was always around. However, now that I am a mother, my greatest fear would be my kid getting bullied. Lalo na kasi bi-racial sya. Dami bully dito sa ALemanya.

At 4:34 AM, Blogger rolly said...

Tama si doc emer. We sort of have the same experience. I practically grew up alone. My brother and sisters are a lot older than I am. The sister I followed is thirteen years my senior. Anyway, dahil mag-isa lang akong naglalaro, I was prone to being "tested" by older boys. Pinag-i-ispar nila kami nang mga younger brothers nila. Laban ako! Parati akong talo. Bugbog na sa kalaro, bugbog pa sa bahay pag nalaman ng tatay ko. Pero di ako umatras. Ngayon mangyari sa kin yon, atras ako! Sakit kayang mabugbog. Sarap sarap ng walang kaaway e.


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